Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday...Me, My Home

Delicate shadows
fade into the mem'ry of
the day of my birth

A.B.C. Ward
they called him Alphabet Ward
an attorney
started building his dream
in the mid 1800's
4 grand cement pillars raised
and set to a theme
where he would gaze at the river
the mighty muddy
the Mississippi
the view and the folly
for hours on end
alas his folly was not to be
he left the structure in shambles
and moved on
we're getting closer
to me

the home was purchased and assembled
a grand new life it would see
on the nob hill
where the elite lived
Cora Weed the owner would be
she dearly loved her gardens
and the views of the wild muddy
until the day she died
then the Bellevue arrived
getting closer to me

a hospital

this grand dame was reshaped
and mutilated
stripped of her charms
degradation began
grand pillars
buried alive
an enclosed porch would entomb
her integrity was scarred
an addition built on
a new wing for the lair
a pox on a lady
who had once been so fair

take heart dear ones
this tale ends with glee
dear friends
and high school buds
Tom and Cindy
bought the old dame
restored her and refurnished
they charmed her to fame
10 plus years in the chore
a monument to history
and a memory to gain
in the town of my birth
in the home of my birth
on nob hill

yes I was born in this home
as was my brother
you see
do you envy
I was for an instant
a princess born of
regal means
on a nob hill
in a mansion
an envy not to be

though I moved on like A.B. C. Ward
I still have the dream
and the original
and the regal
home of my birth



...and if you climb to the widows walk you can see all the way down the street where I now live...along the mighty Mississip' in the pink shack...

The Pink Chateau
and my birth home

Well, what a check out the others at Harriet's place...
and I promise I'll do a follow up on this old mansion. I'll call Cindy for a photo shoot and give you inside shots of the restorations and some history of what these two crazy old friends poured into this old relic...enjoy the view!!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful buildings and a nice shadow!

Ralph said...

The wrought iron details make for elegant shadows. Elegance cannot be overstated here, a stately manor of a house on the high point. It can be seen well, the views from the verandas far and wide. The beauty of the past remains, the heritage unmistakable!

frayedattheedge said...

A fascinating post!! (and how do you always manage to be first!!) Enjoy the weekend, regards Anne

Beverley Baird said...

What an elegant building! And great shadows!

maryleal said...

Lovely dignified house, lovely poem. This is my very first experience at blogging and I can see there will many rich experiences to come.

Rosebud Collection said...

What a beautiful home..Something about old homes and all their history. Can't wait to see inside.
Wonder if they found any secret places..Such an interesting read..Wonderful.
Happy Shadow Shot Sunday..

Crafty Green Poet said...

wonderful shadows in the first photo!

Paula Scott said...

Holy Moley! What a tale complete with 'documentation'! What a glorious building with a glorious history. And, how wonderful that the building you were born in still stands. Mine doesn't!

Cassie said...

What a cool old place! Ihat is so wonderful that your friends restored and brought the grande dame back to her full glory. Your little pink castle is just as special, in her own way, no? Happy SSS!

bobbie said...

Very, very beautiful! I particularly love the first shadow shot.

Kiki said...

Wonderful post..super gorgeous photos! Lovely!

lynda howells said...

Love this shadow imagex very elegant building.lynda

Bev said...

Hello! Love your blog and follow it..also love antiques. That picture of the house overlooking the river is fabulous to have!

I found a little antique hooked scottie rug (5" round) and am looking for information on its origin. Please feel free to stop by!

Thanks again for a very entertaining post!

Cheery wave from

Manang Kim said...

Beautiful shot, beautiful scenery and amazing poem. Enjoy the weekend!


Patti said...

Wonderful words about your own history, Sharon.

I love the shadow in the first photo. I'm looking forward to reading more about this lovely mansion.

EG Wow said...

That was a beautiful place to be born in. I fear you you would be most UNimpressed by the building in which I was born.

The shadow made by the wrought iron is elegant!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

oh I LOVE it....every bit of this story!! Old homes just have it, don't they? Whether they were regal or plain....the history of homes are just wonderful (can't WAIT to see the inside of this!!)

texassky said...

Thanks for taking us back in time. I love the shadow shots!

LDH said...

What an enjoyable post and beautiful home! The love for your sweet place in the world is evident in this post!

And now I know how come you are first in Shadow Shot Sunday... I saw it in your comment on another blog :)

Wishing you a Happy Week!
Kindly, ldh

Spadoman said...

I like the pink shack!

Martha Z said...

Great story, great pictures.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful & delicate shadow shots.

Eden said...

Great shadows and beautiful poems. And my favourite is the wrought iron shadows. Thanks for sharing.

Have a nice day always

GardenJoy4Me said...

These types of architecture are so amazing .. I would love to see the inside of this one for sure ! Great subject for this Sunday's shot : )
Thank you for stopping by my blog as well : )

Greyscale Territory said...

Incredible, incredible story! You are a breath of history from the high side! I am still reeling!

As for me, I am recovering from recent "rushed history" meaning insanity before the Easter holidays! Trying to reduce bringing home work! I think I made a slight difference! Too scared to check just yet till tomorrow!

Meanwhile, back in our Autumn world, we have the glories of winds and drizzly rain with more to come tomorrow for our first day of the Easter break! I think I'll choose to do schoolwork tomorrow and try getting out on Tuesday!

This post is a bit scattered! (More than usual!) But I hope to pace myself over the break ready for the next term! Lots of writing and photography!

Always good to get your "connection" on Sundays! I just love it!

BIGGEST hugs from Australia! At least that transcends all weathers!

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

A lovely interesting series of photos.

Golden West said...

What a gargantuan restoration project! Hats off to your friends - they did a remarkable job - it's an incredible building.

I didn't realize you live so close to the river... Is the last picture taken from your property?

MyMaracas said...

What a wonderful post! I love the shadow shot and the story of the magnificent mansion.

Thanks for stopping by at mine and for weighing in with your opinion. My sons tell me my ruined old silver pieces are "creepy". It's nice to have you on my side. ;-)

Small Reflections said...

Nifty shadow shot and buildings ... Loved learning a bit more about your history in your poetic post.
Hugs and blessings,

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Well my gosh -- you really better do a followup on this great story. I wasn't AT ALL ready to stop reading this history by the end of your post.

goin' back to scroll through some of your older posts; glad Ifound you on shadowshot! Thanks for sharing some of your life and your really great pictures.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Shadows awaken
memories—sweet and bitter—
mortality’s tang.

Shadowy, Worn Bricks

Lily Hydrangea said...

great story Sharon! Looks like you definitely found your own home.
I can't wait to see the restoration shots too.

wanderlust said...

What a lovely story! Beautiful house, the ironwork reminds me of my own beautiful home city of New Orleans!

Serline said...

Nice post you have here. Thanks for the comment on my blog.

Have a great week!

Dimple said...

Great start to a good story. I love when worthy objects, whether buildings or dishes, get new life from new owners.
Thanks for the visit!

sarayutouched said...

our past will never be taken matter how hard they try...wipe off the fasad, to reveal the beauty within once again. thanks for sharin' sis.

Carly said...

I love the beautiful architecture.

Barbara said...

No wonder you're so interested in antiques. You were born into it! Love the Shadow Shot and the story.

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Love the wrought iron is my fav. But sad to say, that I am late.

I am amazed with you shots today, Lady? These what I called houses. Love to death the antiquey style.

Hope you had a wonderful day.

xoxo as always.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Your posts are always so well done. I like the pink "shack" best! ;-)

Christine said...

Lovely shadow capture, Sharon. And what a tickler of a story! You must follow up and not leave us dangling on the precipice of the mighty Mississip ...

Anonymous said...

Wow....amazing and I love the old building. Can't wait to hear more. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Evelyn Howard said...

Very nice post. A nice story.

Hannah @ Zukan said...

Thank you for letting us know what we're looking at. :) Beautiful post!

Thanks for visiting me. Warm greetings from Florida!