Saturday, March 6, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday....Little Birds...

I'm alone
and waiting
little birds
soon I'll
feel your flights
of fancy
all 'round
my nest

I'll sweep
Winter's stale
from my hearth
and sing
the lyrics
of spring
with the sun
on my palm

oh warm sun
my hand lingers
under your
blue birds
peck at my hair
on warm blue orbs
life renews

tall grasses
to a cricket's
the buzz
and the hum
and the essence
of life
into blooms
and beaks
all 'round

it is Spring
and it is
I would trade
my soul
for a song
and a day
in the


Ok...we're feelin' it...Spring is in the air, though some of us are still getting snows,
right Colleen...
but we know this time of year they don't last long...although if it were to snow 6 inches tomorrow, I'd be devastated...after tasting the sweet warmth and the promise of Spring
it's hard to go back...and right now I'm so sick of my woolies and long-Johns...
Anyway, it's Sunday in Australia...
and Shadow Shot Sunday awaits...


summersundays-jw said...

Amen, sister!!!! It's in the 60's today & the sun is shinning. Praise the Lord!! I promise, there won't be any whinning when we hit 90 (yeah, sure). Jan

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Amen... dear Lady Sharon! who's not tired & fed up of the long cold winter months?

I heard birdies chirpin´this morning thought?

Thanks you both enjoyed the package and that make me feel glad too.

Happy SSS as ever...

Golden West said...

I was reading your poem about birds when chirping came up unexpectedly on your music rotation - startled me enough to look outside for a flock!

You're sure to have an extra green spring and summer once the last of your snow melts, huh?

Patti said...

I'm totally with you, Sharon ~ Spring can't get here fast enough.

I see the birds make their home in a mailbox. How cozy. ;-)

I enjoyed listening to them chirping as I read your poem.

Enjoy your weekend.. ~

Ralph said...

Nice shadows. The birds are to arrive soon as this is an ideal place to nest, safe from predators, secure as it is in a structure, not a tree. For the humans, the rusty coat hook lets us know that we must hang our coats up and stay for a while for some Iowan hospitality...

sarayutouched said...

i could sit and listen to your "flower meadow" all day long...not only the birds but i love the little buzzing insect. we have had awesome sunshine this week...spring is near, spring is near.

love your shot and your spring tribute!!

the porch is warm and is on.

Sylvia K said...

What a great shadow shot, as always, Sharon! And beautiful words as well!! Just when I'd about given up seeing more than a few hours of sunlight today it's going to be 62 and the skies are blue and totally cloudless!! I love it!

Have a great weekend!


frayedattheedge said...

Spring is finally making its appearance here - this was the first morning that we had no frost!! Lovely photo and poem.

Carolyn Ford said...

Spring is coming...and your world will become full of color! Enjoy!

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

gone cold again here too but strong winds in March do blow so often yet spring will surely come.

Tom Hilton said...

Nice! I love the textures in this shot.

Marie-Ange said...

Le printemps reviendra

Hé oui , je sais bien qu'il fait froid,
Que le ciel est tout de travers ;
Je sais que ni la primevère
Ni l'agneau ne sont encore là .

La terre tourne ; il reviendra ,
Le printemps , sur son cheval vert .
Que ferait le bois sans pivert ,
Le petit jardin sans lilas ?

Oui , tout passe , même l'hiver ,
Je le sais par mon petit doigt
Que je garde toujours en l'air ...

Maurice Carême ("En sourdine")

Pour toi, un joli poème sur le Printemps ...
C'est ma façon de te remercier de ton si gentil commentaire.

Bisous d'amitié.

Rosebud Collection said...

So enjoying this weather. We have had a rare winter and I am trying to enjoy each day with the warmth.
The little bird nest..beautiful. Can't wait for the birds to arrive. Of course we have the winter crew, cardinal/blue jay/chickadee and enjoy them too.
Happy SSS.

Paula Scott said...

Oh, yes! I can feel it too! As ALWAYS another astounding piece of prose from you that certainly captures what is in the air. I'm loving theimage too.

MyMaracas said...

Lovely post. We're more than ready for spring here in Indiana, too.

Jacqui said...

Loveely shadowy promise of sunshine and birds nesting. Still snow where we are, but 5 miles away there is none! Getting a bit impatient for it to go now. At least the birds have been busy and a few nests seem to be under construction. xx

Cassie said...

Such a lovely Shadow Shot! Those little tweeters are on their way.

We went to a Spring Training baseball game was 76degrees and too warm for me in the sun!! Happy SSS to you.

Catherine said...

great shadows and great textures too...

Beverley Baird said...

Lovely poem and great shot of the birdhouse/shadow!

Jen said...

Great shadow shot...and I love love love that bird house. It has every thing I like and the touch of rust is perfect!!
Adore your poetic touch as well!
Happy SSS to you.

Johnny Nutcase said...

cool shot! you can't go wrong with bird nests! always puts a smile on anyone's face :)

Hey Harriet said...

Great photo of the birdhouse/letterbox! So the birds have taken up residence in your letterbox? Or maybe it's a letterbox converted into a birdhouse...

Oh c'mon, you'll miss your woolies and long-Johns. Admit it! I'm glad to hear things are finally warming up for you. I don't think I'd cope with 1 day of your winter!

Have a great warm week!

BLOGitse said...

You know how this goes: beautiful as always! :)
Spring. I spoke yesterday with my mother and she's so fed up of snow. And more coming almost daily.
I'm lucky I don't have to be in Finland now...
It's been quite cool here in Cairo too - but it feels pleasant, not too hot yet!

I'm going to have a 'meme break' - see you again in April!


Lily Hydrangea said...

Your poem is such a breath of fresh Spring air. & I too would be devastated if it were to snow 6"!
& I love your SS.
Have a great day today.
: )

Greyscale Territory said...

A beautiful yearning in this poem! And love the angled photo with the rusty hook and just the murmur of mail waiting.

It is the Labour Day weekend here, so I have a long weekend. I still find it strange that Melbourne has this celebration now while in Sydney NSW (where I grew up) the celebration takes place at the beginning of October, often involving my birthday! I'm still not used to the difference!

Rolling storms introduced our Autumn. Melbourne reported that main areas in the city were so flooded late yesterday that they looked like an extension of the Yarra River! There was even hail the size of tennis balls! However, we only experienced the heavy wind and rain! Very dramatic!

And now, on Sunday afternoon, I am looking at a wimpy sun outside while they weather is deciding whether or not to dig up another storm!! No rambling photo shoots for me so far this weekend! But it's going to happen tomorrow! I'm getting desperate!

SUPER Hugs dear sister - Autumn warmth minus the lightning/thunder! Have a great week!

Serendipity said...

Lovely! The hole in the wood looks almost heart shaped :)

Elizabeth said...

As ever, such a lovely juxtoposition between
words and picture.
And such lovely colors in the picture.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

LOVE the picture Sharon...and we're enjoying the sounds of nature :) HEAVEN! Yes, spring is on it's way, and if it decides to snow...bring it on - it won't last!! Have a sunny week ahead!

Laura said...

My heart echos yours waiting for spring this year!
:) Laura


Amazingly fine photography!

sarayutouched said...

LOVE THE NEW HEADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dianne said...

it is warm and sunny here in NJ too!!
love the birdhouse

Rajesh said...

Fantastic capture and lovely words.

Christine said...

I love this shot and your prose is so wonderful. Yes, spring is in the air! The swallows came back yesterday! We may get more rain, but the feel in the air is whispering spring!

happily retired gal said...

Wonderful photo of this nifty birdhouse and lovely poetic response from you. It's been wet and rainy off and on most of the week here, but I'm not complaining because we NEED the water. Sending warm sunny thoughts your way. I enjoyed seeing your 'antiques' and loved the kewl shadows on the snow a couple of posts back too.
Hugs and blessings,

Gunsside said...

Very cool shot, fun story ;)

Jackie said...

I am feeling it! It was 60 degrees here! Yippee! I filled the shop with forced quince branches and other living things...

bliss farm antiques

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Again, your words complement your image *perfectly*!
What a talent you are!

Have a wonderful week!

Lauri Evans said...

Hey girl, I got the package yesterday, and I love the scale, too cute. And I loved it as soon as I got home Q had brought the package in the house and the soap had filled the room with lovely smells, my fave. Thanks, and hope you got your $. love ya, lauri

sunnymama said...

Awesome shadow shot and love the poem. :)