Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday...Yo ho...

As the sun calms the eye
I sleep and I sail away...

It's a pirates life for me
yo ho ho
and a bottle o rum...

fair winds lead a lass
a seafaring wench
the cross-dressing mate
of the brethren of the coast
avast me hearties
set sail to the West
billowing white blooms
screaming like banshees
they run from the depths of
Davie Jone's locker
and the final rest

the Jolly Roger
raised to the pirate code
sail ho to the gold
the pieces of eight
bouillon of folly
oh, shiver me timbers
me hearty corsairs
it's a pirates life for me
yo ho

have you ever
dreamed of the
seafaring wench
Bonny Grace
or Anne Bonny
the salt of the seas
in a man's world
and swashbuckling
babes of the booty

those wild hearts
me buckos
I'll not maroon to the shores
the castaways
of the scullery
earn seat at the fore
spyglass at the ready
in earnest she seeks
Jack Sparrow
the sea dog
and the bounty
of this pirate's kiss

it's a pirate's life for me...
yo ho


Or...maybe it's Johnny Depp she yearns for...hmmmm...anyway, it's Shadow Shot time again and me and me mates bid you to play...sail the Southern seas to Australia and we'll show you the way me buccaneers...can you have too much fun???


Told ya I shouldn't hang the porch swing...very bad juju...


Lori R. said...

Rrrrrrrrrrrr! I could never be in pirate world,,, I bet they would be smelly and I am kinda a clean freak with my lil' bottle of hand sanitizer! Have a great day in the snow!!! unreal isn't it...

sarayutouched said...

Arrrrr, there matey. mixing it up a little bit this week. i like it. your talent knows no boundaries.

bring out the woolies again for coffee today. the birds are a bit curious as to why it's cold and there's white stuff on the ground again...silly happens every year...

have a great day!!!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

It's funny Lori mentioned I was just thinking the very same thing! Too funny! Can you imagine us running all ove the ship with sanitary wipes and air freshner! Yeaaahh..a pirate's live is not for me :-)

Ralph said...

Love the scaly effect the shadow cage leaves on the bird. And a beautiful one at that, he couldn't possibly be a pirate (could he??)

The swing is covered with snow, but the Spring still awaits...

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Aww... no pirates here either. Just loving the cosy moment beside the love crazy friend I have, Lady S!

So scaly parrot are cool & your swing is more than cooler as evah.

Have a sweet day & Sunday ahead.

Catherine said...

love that porch swing in the eerily beautiful!!

Sylvia K said...

Great, fun post for the day! Love those pirates and your words! The scaly shadows on the parrots are terrific! Can't believe you're having more snow!! Love the shot of the swing and that does tell it all! Hope it does go away again soon. Enjoy your weekend!


The one with the View said...

The shadow on that Parrot seems to give his feathers that much more depth! Nice job! And even though it might have been bad juju, I do like the porch swing!

Manang Kim said...

Love the shadow of the parrot here. Hope we don't get snow here in MI too. Happy weekend!


Stine in Ontario said...

Oh no!
Say it isn't so -
Not snow!

Funny that two comments speak of the cleanliness, or lack thereof, of a pirate's life. My first thought was the ruthlessness. Interesting how different minds work, eh?

Rosebud Collection said...

First thing I thougt of was the pirate movie..before I read your words..Wonderful. I can not believe that is snow on the swing.
We are having warm weather, will turn to cooler this week..but no snow in sight. Thank the Lord.
Have a great week..I say this..brush the snow off the swing and take it for a ride..
Happy SSS.

frayedattheedge said...

I like the shadows on the parrot - it makes it look like a hybrid creature - crossed with a lizard perhaps! I also read the previous post about your soap - I could almost smell it!!

Hot Fudge said...

Oops - I think I was one of the wise advisers who encouraged you to hang that porch swing. Sorry ...

LDH said...

Hello Sweet Repose,

So nice perusing your posts for the week and seeing all of your lovely finds. I always enjoy stopping by!

Kindly, ldh

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

love the swing.

Greyscale Territory said...

A real chuckle of a post today Sharon! And that porch swing is the ultimate punch-line! What a twist! Love it!

Thinking that there are signs gathering around for turning over my life! I am sure it will take time, but the thoughts are there and growing momentum! Teaching is becoming more and more outrageously demanding and too political! (Sad that the pressure comes from the admin machines and not the students! If only teaching was all about teaching!)

The ultimate sign was Tracy's mission to move to a remote island! Hmmmm...Would so love to just write and take photos, but how to get through the basic living needs is another challenge that needs thought! Any miracles around that you have heard of?

Love the new photo of Scratchy on your sidebar! Ultra cute!

But still quietly chuckling about your swing! Sorry! I am sure that it is really quite frustrating!

Have a great weekend and don't let snow rot your day! BIGGEST BIGGEST HUGS dear friend!

Patti said... the pirate and parrot theme this week, Sharon.

Looks like a lovely porch swing. You'll be enjoying it soon!

sassytrash said...

Well, ya just gotta live dangerously it on the high seas...or takin a chance on jinxin the weather!

summersundays-jw said...

We just started getting some snow too -- burr!!! I swear if you read me complaining about the heat this summer, remind me. Love the picture of both the parrots & the swing. Bring on the sunshine! Jan

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

We'd take Johnny Depp any day - even with a snowy swing (yulk, by the way!!) Great picture & oh so fun poem Sharon!
Hope you get lots of sunshine to melt that nasty stuff :)

donna baker said...

Sharon, I planted my cold crops in the garden yesterday when it was 70degrees. Today it has been snowing...I'm not sure if my tiny sown seeds washed away or not. Oh well, I have had to plant and replant before. You are such a good writer.

wanderlust said...

STILL getting snow?! Aaargh!

BLOGitse said...

Not playing SSS but came to say hi!
We're packing...sigh!

Have a great day!


Paz said...

Yo ho ho! Love it. ;-)

Has the snow cleared yet?


Sam said...

From where I stand that snow in the last shot looks so pretty and wonderfully dreamy. Your parrot is very sweet too of course!

Golden West said...

That snow will be gone in no time - there's no holding back Spring now!

Dianne said...

if it's any consolation, the snow looks lovely on the swing

the pirate is a beauty :)

Elaine said...

Your bird is gorgeous and the shadowing makes the photo even more striking. I also have to tell you how adorable I think your header photo is! :)

Lily Hydrangea said...

funny, I was thinking of Johnny Depp too!
& Sharon, I love your Parrot. You have the best things to go too for inspiration!
Please stop by, I am celebrating two years of blogging with a giveaway.
: )

Spadoman said...

Very cool shadow shot. Looks like fish scales on that bird, Carp to be exact.
I was a pirate in a former life, long before Depp and those folks. I've been known as Cap'n Jack since the early 80's. Just sayin'.
Neighbors I guess, Wisconsin here. Thanks for checking out my shadow shot, and thanks for posting such an awesome photo.


Paula Scott said...

Aye, matey, and what will you post for September when it's National 'talk like a pirate' day?!
Great post...had me giggling! Too much snow, I think, for you.

Rajesh said...

Wonderful shots. Beauty.

happily retired gal said...

I love the parrot shot and your poem for so many reasons ... I'm so sorry about the snow and wish I could send some warm weather your way.
Hugs and blessings,