Friday, October 23, 2009

Let's hear it for the squirrels...


We all enjoy our lil' furry friends, the squirrels, that have been out and about with gusto these last few months, hence the term squirreling it away...then once again in the spring my yard will be filled with seedling walnut trees from the intrepid planters forgotten stores. Always hiding more than required, it's a constant chore cleaning up their harvests.

But how cool that Nature hires these lil' 'nuts' to do all the planting for her. However, The Candle Shed has been busy making squirrel feeders for their lil' buddies, called 'Squirrel in a Jar' cute is that...I thought I'd better get one home ASAP to let the games begin. Scratchy loves conversing with these little false move and they're mine...ha!!!

All you do is fill the jar with seeds and nuts and the lil' heathens will role around in the jar for your viewing pleasure...what a hoot!

Also the shed has concocted the cutest blackboard message board birdhouses for your kitchen counter or wherever you need to get the message out there...SWEET!!!

The brainiacs never rest at 'The Shed'...


Lori R. said...

Love "Squirrel in a Jar"!!
Do squirrels come with it?
cuz I don't have any. None are brave enough to come even near the yard with the plethera of kitties.

Sweet Repose said...
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Debra @ Common Ground said...

Love your little guy here. They are such big pigs at my house. They eat all the bird seed, but hey, gotta love'em!
Have a great weekend!

willow said...

Our squirrels and chipmunks have been busy little bees these last few weeks, too! Adorable pic!

Jeanne said...

Abby, my Aussie-Lab mix, flips out if a squirrel gets within twenty yards of the place.

Squirrel in a jar would push her right over the edge.

Crafty Green Poet said...

cute little squirrel photo!

Joops said...

Over here in Korea, there are lots and lots of squirrels because of Pine trees. Thank you for commenting on my first SSS entry..

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Thank you very much!