Saturday, November 14, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday...I Remembered

Why is it we fear death
to sing so beautiful
then in a moment gone
clinging to the shadow
of a former song


frost withered spokes
grasp golden bits
for one last cup of sun
life on the run

I want to remember

we visit again
and again
beauty ten fold
as knowledge regained
fresh life charts anew
we breathe bold

and we remember

you were a friend
my yellow jacketed soul
do I know you
have we been chums
and shared nectar
so long, long ago

I shall remember

as paths in the universe
move on and away
I'll follow my guides
and my heart
and I'll greet you
again on that day


I have remembered

s.wilson guessed must be Sunday in Australia...check us out HERE, you know the game!

Does beautiful music make you cry, well it does hear the beauty in the sonnets of the universe, so captivating, so awe inspiring...I invite you to turn on your sound(and grab a tissue) and enjoy the nectar of life and take a moment to watch the sun rise...and remember...


Hot Fudge said...

Beautiful words and sentiments. And yes, beautiful music does make me rush for the tissue box!

Gerald (Ackworth born) said...

O the things we remember leave shadows on our souls just as certain pieces of music dredge memories from the depths.

High Desert Diva said...

That was beautiful Sharon.

sarayutouched said...

your music is just one of the things that drew your beautiful spirit to mine...

...another great photo and touching words...i will always remember...

coffee with you this morning was always...

Quilt Works said...

I like your unique take on the sunflower. Very creative!

Shadows in Boston Downtown!

Ralph said...

The shadows add a depth and texture to the lovely flower and surrounding flora in the frame. The shadows are darker but allow the brilliant flower to shine!

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

I am afraid to die, that's for sure. Although everybody has an end. Not this time or 50 more yrs, Lady §;-)

Music is my world. Listening to it makes me feel so alive. And every lyrics stuck in my thoughts. It leave shadows too.

Your lil friend here is very sentimental and loving those sweet memories.

Loving every words you have today.

God Bless...

Sylvia K said...

Beautiful words, shadows and music, Sharon! What a lovely way to start my day!

Thank you for it all! Enjoy your day!


bobbie said...

Very, very nice indeed.

christina said...

Yes, I like this picture!! Beautiful!

Martha Z said...

A beautiful capture of one of summers last flowers and words to ponder.

donna baker said...

Oh Sharon, you are my music teacher; I think I have uploaded half the songs to my Ipod. Only thing is, I can't ever seem to get the right version. They have so many. Here is one for you. THE HYMN de FRATERNISES from the movie JOYEUX NOEL.

Jacqui said...

Sush a beautiful poem and sunflower - certainly one to remember.

Sam said...

Very lovely - and your poem is very special too - have a lovely Sunday!

Icy BC said...

Wonderful poem, and beautiful picture!

Greyscale Territory said...

O Sharon ~ To meet you here on a Sunday in the light and the shadows has become very special to me! No matter how busy the week (especially the past few weeks ~ with still really 2 more to go including marking exams) refreshes my spirit. I love finding your photos and the beautiful music of your poetry! It is almost as if the gentle voices of the universe are nearby, encouraging and lifting up the soul.

Today the sun is glowing bright but not too warm! A gentle sea breeze plays around the mountain. A very beautiful day! I long to get out there and wander, but must keep report writing! At least from my window I can see the yachts in the distance sailing Port Phillip Bay!

Happy weekend dearest sister!

Paz said...

Lovely photo. I love the music on your blog, too.


Hey Harriet said...

A beautiful photo and poem Sharon! As much as I love music I can't say it ever makes me cry. Hearing the likes of Britney Spears brings me close to tears, but for all the wrong reasons ;D

Beverley Baird said...

Beautiful poem - lovely photo/shadows.

whizkid said...

the photo and your words - gems indeed :)

(i love your hair, lady :))

Jonny Hamachi said...


Joops said...

Beautiful shot!

Mine is up here

BLOGitse said...

snif! beautiful!
Have a peaceful Sunday!

Crafty Green Poet said...

beautiful photo and words and yes beautiful music makes me cry too

Jane ... said...

Sharon, thanks for sharing the beautiful SS and your appropriate verse! You have so many gifts! Happy new week--put an extra quilt on!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

ok...we love you're beautiful poem - however we had to stop the song (our favorite album!) Yes - songs move us too Sharon...we'll share that box of tissues with you!
Enjoy your week!

Pacey said...

The shadow is perfect and so with the yellow flower. I like it.

Carin said...

Touching poem and great shadow shot with it. And yes beautiful music does make me cry at times so does music that brings back memories of people and things passed by!