Saturday, April 11, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday... Gram

I never thought you would leave me
I dreaded the day,
as I sat in summer's warmed window
thinking of the fate
that was surely to come.
Nighthawks screeched out
their sorrow
as my world made it's way
to a day without caresses
from your Grandmother's play.

My Granny's voice,
weathered hand and kind manner
were all it took to ease pain
and horror,
as the plaster pony of guarded play days
and memories harbored
lay in crumbled defeat...but,
'forgiven' was the song that she sang in my ear,
my Grandmother and siren
in my child's world without fear.

Simple lessons, I recall
in a beautiful clothesline,
in a browned, buttery crust
and the map of a newly pressed shirt...
smells of fruit pies and yeast rolls
on radiator rising,
'long side mittens and cold bottoms...
I can still smell today
in my minds eye and memory cache,
my Grandmother's kitchen
and her vision...
of home...
I am home to stay.

I once saw you walking a shimmering stair,
as I dreamed of your suffering
on the edge of your trail...
'I'm coming home Ma',
you would say in your sleep,
'I'm your Mother dear...
I will guard thee, your passage
and your story of 93 year.'

These gifts and these mem'ries
will be mine to be kept,
the lessons and boo boos
and gath'rings of all,
will be cherished and guarded
in this month of your birth...
Happy birthday Granny
your light still shines bright,
though in the shadow of the living
you guard my thoughts and my flight,
as I trip through my song and my claim,
to my period of usefulness
on this dimensional plain,
my spirit is with you
'till we shall visit again...
I love you
and miss you
my harbor
my Gram.

Shadow Shot Sunday in Australia,where friends gather to chat, we'd love for you to join us...take a trip down under and dream the dream.


sarayutouched said...

lovely tribute/poem to your true how you can still smell the smells of their kitchen...that's for that memory today!!!

summersundays-jw said...

This poem is beautiful. I never new my g'mothers but I certainly know the joy of being one. My g'children worry about me dieing since their g'pa died & I continually assure them I'm planning on being around to make lots more memories. Happy Easter! Jan

Gallery Juana - ギャラリー ワナ said...

Touching Poem. The word Harbor at the end of the poem really sums up the feelings for me. Beautifully framed photograph too.

Sylvia K said...

A lovely tribute indeed and a lovely shot! Happy Easter!

M.Kate said...

Beautiful and touching poem/tribute, and nice SSS. I have very fond memories of my grandma, she was driving me to school when I was much younger in her early 70s..and back then, that was really cool, a driving grandma. Happy Easter Sharon, hugs...M

bobbie said...

Very lovely.

dulcy said...

Once have the best blog music out there! And I really, really love this particular post. Drop by, I have a little giveaway drawing (nothing much, just fun to play in paper and glue occasionally).


Oh.....I just went for it, and stuck stuff up all over my inspiration board. What fun!

Rosebud Collection said...

What a beautiful poem..The picture is lovely too..Memories of the ones we love are so sweet..
Happy Easter/SSS..

Greyscale Territory said...

This is exquisite! I love the image of "shadow of living" ~ a comforting, guardian shadow. So very lovely!

A very moving tribute to your Gram and also a moving insight into your warm spirit!

Happy Happy Easter dearest friend!
BIG Easter hugs!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Nice tribute to your Gram! Some of us are lucky to have known our grandparents well. ;-)

cconz said...

Sharon, What a really beautiful poem. I did'nt know my granmoms either. I did get some kinda funky news about my mom and it got me thinking about things!So this really hit home today.

Jeanne said...

I can only hope to be remembered so lovingly by my g-kids.

That is the chicken said...

Wonderful memories of your gram...and the picture is beautiful too.

Hey Harriet said...

Reading this poem brought a little tear to my eye because it was such a beautiful and loving tribute to your granny. Your granny would be so proud of you Sharon. Lovely photo also! You are so very talented!!!

Lisa B. said...

Sweet tribute to your Grandma...and a very nice shadow shot!
Hope you're enjoying spring:D

ginger said... favorite line, "in a browned, buttery crust
and the map of a newly pressed shirt..."

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

Sharon - this is beautiful - the shadow & of course this poem -what a tribute!! We lost our grandma several years ago....this poem hits home, perfectly!
Karla & Karrie

Anonymous said...

Your shadowed photo and poem, so warming to the heart. I visit my frail Nana with my kids every week and phone her regularly. I wish I could bottle everything about her so that she will never leave me. Although I'm sure she'll be forever in my memories no matter how much time passes. Happy Easter! Amanda xo

Hot Fudge said...

What a wonderful tribute to a much loved grandmother. I never knew my maternal grandmother and my paternal grandmother died with I was quite young. My wish is that my grandchildren remember me as kindly as you do yours.

BLOGitse said...

beautiful combination, becomes as a whole...

High Desert Diva said...

Oh Sharon. What a beautiful tribute.

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Both the photo and the words.


Christy said...

loved the picture you chose for this Sunday's shadow shot. The poem was heartfelt and touching. thanks for sharing.

Dianne said...

that's beautiful
I loved my Nana with all my heart, Passover was a big deal to her so she is upper most on my mind this week
your poem is very comforting

Sherrie said...

That's a wonderful Poem to your granny. I like it lots! Thanks for sharing your granny! Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great day!!


julie king said...

what a touching tribute to your grandma, sylvia!

jc said...

well, you just made my easter - what a beautiful shot and poem . .

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

My dear Lady S!

I really love your poems in every post you have but recalling your grandma is special.

It remind me of mine and it really touches one's heart & reminiscing the experience w/ loveone's is a never ending feelings.

Great framed photo that gave you that perfect shadow!


Utah Grammie said...

What a moving tribute and a fabulous photo - you are amazing!

ahab said...

Beautiful frame and shot! (Sorry I'm late this week.)

Anonymous said...

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