Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Wench...

I have a new friend...Lori
The French Wench

I have always dreamed of being a wench
a wild and bawdy woman of mystery
a gun totin', horse ridin', seafarin' maid
long wild untethered hair
weathered, copper-tone skinned
creature of the forest
a wanderer I was once in another life
I pulled a two-wheeled cart all over old England
a healer of animals and man
an Earth mother
a dirt under the fingernails
herbalist extraordinaire
'a potion for what ails ya'
was my chant
as I sang my way over hill and dale
I slept under the stars with the wolf
I was a free spirit

Seven things about me...

1)-I've always wanted to learn to sail...
2)-I abhor math, it gives me hives IT DOES NOT COMPUTE!!!
3)-I love wearing men's clothes, they're so practical
4)-I am painfully shy and don't like crowds
5)-I write notes of my thoughts and ideas everywhere
(but rarely find them again)
6)-I'm scared to death of bears
7)-I used to cry myself to sleep for the want of a horse

A dreamer and a loner
a hopeless romantic
filled with fairytale schemes and wants
my blog shares with you
every day in my humble life
nothing spectacular but
new discoveries and soul mates
oh yeah, and junk

I could never choose my faves,
I've bonded with so many, as my side bar suggests,
but please go to Lori's place
this is what she wrote to me...

Your blog is just a sweet oasis that I want everyone to know about.

Back atcha girl!!!



Lori R. said...

Sharon, even though you must have been born in the wrong time, you have fit into this world wonderfully. We love your artsy talents and would miss them dearly. And the "junk" would be lonely without you to rescue it...

Golden West said...


Tilda said...

..lovingly spoken...I always thought you WERE a wench! Not totally sure what the true definition of wench is..but surely you must fit it! The long hair, yes. You know I finally had mine cut 1-1/2 years ago into a stylish cut, and keep it colored. No grey here. Men's clothes. I have always worn mens shirts. I am not a pink lace blouse woman. Barefooted. but my boots are always mens' boots, because the barefootedness has widened my feet. Men's are so comfortable and make sense for working in the gardens, barns and for JUNKING. Love of the old, believing I actually connected with it. And I have always believed i lived before. One time as a Confederate soldier, although I have no ties, it seems, to the South. Just a great passion for it, and for the civil war.
You possess the qualities of my grandmother, whom I adored, who very easily was described as eccentric. She lived a life, part Indian, respectful of the land (long before it was popular), one with nature, hugely talented, deeply respected, even in a time when being 'different' was not the status quo. Wench? You simply LIVE life. Many should follow you.
in fond regard, Tilda

Square Peg Guy said...

Hi Sharon:

The French Wench sounds like an intriguing woman!

Thanks for visiting my blog and for commenting on my Shadow Shot.

- Square Peg Guy

time-worn interiors said...

Girl you ain't right!

Anonymous said...

No wonder I love your postings so much we are kindred spirts I'm just like you,I'm 60 and still long for a horse

Greyscale Territory said...

Your 7 things fit me almost perfectly! I especially abhor crowds and will even re-organise shopping to avoid them! Maths? I was very good at it but still loathed spending time on it! Such a waste! Men's clothes I kinda lean on when walking and taking photos! School demands a bit more - but I still wear pants and rarely a skirt!