Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Don't know 'bout you, but I'm concerned...

(NaturalNews) The battle to save the Fukushima nuclear power plant now appears lost as the radioactive core from Reactor No. 2 has melted through the containment vessel and dropped into the concrete basement of the reactor structure. This is "raising fears of a major release of radiation at the site," reports The Guardian, which broke the story ( A former General Electric nuclear expert told The Guardian that Japan appears to have "lost the race" to save the reactor.

The only feasible interpretation from this analysis is that radiation emissions from Fukushima could suddenly become much greater. It is also now obvious that the radioactive fallout from Fukushima will last for decades, if not centuries.

Japan's Prime Minister Naoto Kan last night admitted the situation at Fukushima remains "unpredictable." Meanwhile, the presence of plutonium in soil samples is proof that the nuclear fuel rods have been compromised and are releasing material into the open atmosphere. (

But don't worry (and don't prepare)


summersundays-jw said...

Sometimes I do just want to stick my head under a rock but.....have to think about my Allison & g'kids. Oh, & then there are all those other people I love so much. It's a scary scenario. But Spring is coming!!!!! Jan

Curtains In My Tree said...

I know what the hell? Why doesn't someone in authority realize this is VERY SERIOUS.
I am very concerned about it. I feel like this is going to filter over here of course and other countries. Kill us offf like dead bugs
However it's out of the hands of the people who are concrned like us


This makes me very sad...........Hugs Mary

cconz said...

Yeah, nuclear power is a grand idea. Lets build more. It reminds me of the hospital. Oh, the new cart washers and automated instrument washers are SO much better now all this new technology. They will surpass everything. But, after 1 year They are all junk. needing repairs on a daily basis. The nuck plants are SO much better now. BALONEY!!

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

That rooster shadow is super!!

The whole story of this that's happening across the ocean scares me a great deal.

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Happy Sunday.