Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Is it here yet...

Hell no, it's freezing out there!!!
I went out in the studio today to stage the new cupboard I redesigned...
love it...
This was one of those cheapies you get from Good Will,
I painted it white, then applied vintage wallpaper to the back
and shelf...sweet huh!

Doesn't the wallpaper just make the setting pop...
I'm slowly getting candles and soaps ready for my opening the
first nice day in April. Got lots of redoing to do once it's warm enough.
But inventory is coming out of my house, piles that
have accumulated over winter...

I won't have a huge amount of candles, just herbal and floral scents
that will go with my theme WILD THING...
lots of bird houses and gardeny stuff, however,
I will have lots of soaps.
I will have some greeting cards for gift ideas and will do gift baskets too.

I have another shelf that will get vintage kitchen wallpaper,
it will be staged on the other side of the shop,
perfect for those fun kitchen thangs some of us actually use.
My little shop is near Fruitland, 3 miles from the city, many of those people,
like me, don't want to drive all the way into town for a gift...
so this will be perfect for them too!

This is about down-sizing for me, I've worked hard for many years
in the city...and I'm over it!
I want to stay home, for the most part...
watch my chickens peckin' around, play catch with Scratchy
and work out in the gardens... and make soap!
Sun-up to sun-down, this is how I roll...
no more taking care of everyone else's stuff,
it's about ME now and I want to relax and breathe free!
You can live this way, but you have to sacrifice and
after a while you forget how important you thought those things were!

My Etsy store will be located here too,
easy for me to keep track of what sells without having to call around.
So I'll be cranking out body parts and bubble-stuffs
to my heart's content in my sweat shop...
just wait till you see!



~Sheri~ said...

Good for U! Darn..I wish I lived close so i could visit ur shop.....but i will b keepn an eye on that Etsy shop. Love the theme u r going with.

Spring is ALMOST here.....hang tight..soul sister! Its 70 in Cali...I know..its not nice to brag.

VCant wait to seeall that u create. U inspire me...and I still have PINK house..Chicken envy! ~Sheri~

summersundays-jw said...

Sounds good to me. I'm so much more content to be home & taking care of things around here. This winter I've so enjoyed the few things I put in the freezer out of the garder. I'm doing more of that this summer. With the cost of gas, it makes me feel so good to leave the car in the garage and not have to drive so much. Spring will be here soon. Jan

Lori R. said...

yay.... I think you have the same attitude I have... just want to stay home and be creative! Come on Spring!!!! Oh I will be over! Maybe your place could become like the hangout and you could do a soap class?????

time worn interiors said...

Love the wallpaper in the cupboard! And I'm really loving those birds on the branch!

I'm sure your little shop is gonna be a hit! Girl your like me when you set your mind to something nothing is gonna stand in your way! I hope you dreams of a prosperous shop comes true!

I'm so happy we got to know each other several years ago, I definitely consider you my soul sister! Strange how people come together, the world is a funny place but I love it! We are so lucky to be free to come and go and have the opportunity to meet new people!

Can't wait to visit again, something I look forward to and try to budget for! Hahahaha!

Lov ya sister!

Eccentricities said...

Can't wait to see your shop, Tart! The cupboard is fabulous, just like everything you touch- duh!!!

Not much goin on in kc. Sales at the mall are slow but maybe spring will bring folks out.

When are the chickens comin?!


simplyiowa said... everyones lives, are filled with
I have been on a crazy roller coaster.... and I think, like you.... to find a little structure.... and plant my feet, a bit....
It's time....
Good luck with ETSY.... I have heard good things...
Take care of you, Sweet Pea...
I'll come visit, when I can....
Barb C.

Golden West said...

So glad to hear your Etsy shop is on a roll - terrific news!