Thursday, March 31, 2011

When you believe...

you can make it happen...
a Victorianesque farm girl wannabe
will soon hear her song on the gentle breeze
the call of the cockadoodledoo,
the squawk of a newly laid
creamy brown egg,
the scratchin' and the peckin'
and the cockadoodledoo...
pinch me
am I really so blessed
yes, she believes so,
as plans move to fruition
the 'Hen Hilton'
will be delivered Thursday...
then the smiles begin as buttons of fluff
scurry to and fro in their new fancy digs...
my peeps...!
I haven't seen my creation yet, though
John the shed builder has with a chuckle...
guess the Amish haven't seen a new age coop before...!
And in my tradition of thinking
small is better, I've managed to have a 4x4 shed(coop)
built for my tiny flock,
does that make me a 'flocker'...
yes, a chicken flocker AND
I'll wear the badge proud!

So pictures are a comin, from start to finish,
as my rough vision moves on to the
Palace of Peeps...they will be proud...
stay tuned!!!


House Things said...

I'm so excited for you! I can only dream of what it would be like to wake up, gather some eggs, and make a delicious omelet. Ah, the simple life. Can't wait to see it.


I am wainting a coop real bad.......have fun with yours. HUGS MARY

Tilda said...

dang it, wild thing, you KNOW how bad i want chickens. and here you go ahead and just get em. but the prospects here for chickens is pretty slim. i would want to free range them them, and wouldn't the skunks, fox, raccoon, coyote and a whole slew of varmits that 'free range' here also, would just love to have their taste til i would be forced to sit on the veranda with my pole cat gitter and protect my chickens. as itty bittys, they would have to be in fenced areas with netting to keep the hawks from feasting on them. so whilst i would love to farm chickens, it will not be.
i will live my chicken rancher life through you.
Tilda, the totally green with envy