Friday, April 1, 2011

The reveal...a diamond in the rough...

Somebody please wipe the smile off my face...!
I'm gonna prove to the world that small is better,
my mini-coop will produce all the eggs
and occasional chicken dinners that one person
could possibly need...
not to mention the pleasure of sittin' in my rocker
on the back porch watchin' my hens tussle about,
doing what hens do...scratch and eat and poop!

I think John the shed guy finally knows where my heads at...
(don't go there)
No large scale over the top production,
easy on the eyes(and nose), no pollution,
just compost and an occasional squawk
and cluck!
The window will prop open for ventilation,
after I add chicken wire to the inside...
and the lil' trap door will keep them safe at night until
the yard is covered.
Love the detail in this Eastlake door, great latch John,
perfect for a micro hen house!
I just took all my doors and windows up to them
and they added all the hardware for me.
A quick sketch of my vision and...

I'm ready to roll...
Orschelns' farm supplies will have another
400 chicks in guess where I'll be after work...
the first 400 went fast they said...
no time to delay...!
Just in case you were wonderin',
this ain't my first chicken rodeo...
we used to buy 50 chicks in the spring,
then butcher all in the fall and that didn't
include all the permanent layers and ducks and geese
and guineas and turkeys...oh my...
Yes, I'm back in the saddle
again and am lovin' the ride!
Now comes the fun part...ACCESSORIZE!!!


~Sheri~ said...

i know...without a doubt..this hen house will ROCK!!!

Sisters' Garden and Bloom said...

Yeah--yeah---yeah!! It is perfectly fantastic!!! It will be the cutest chick-house in town!! Wow--and--John really cranked that one out fast!
Tasha Tudor--is that you??? love your world.

emilysnan said...

hiya , i am maggie your newest follower , omg that is the cutest chickin coop i have ever seen x tfs
hope you pop by mine too

summersundays-jw said...

What a great coop! Wish I was your neighbor so I could get some of that compost. Jan

Tilda said...

okay, wild thing, now I AM REALLY REALLY green with envy. i haven't even been into the farm stores, as i know the little peeps beckon me...i lean over their keeping troughs, standing on tip toe, smiling broadly over the rim at them, and they peer back up at me, standing on tip toe, beckoning me....take me home. i don't. but the ritual is the same every spring.
still the farm has no little chicks.
the hawk flew over several sweeps while i watched with my coffee, and the mourning doves all scattered. he didn't have breakfast YET. but he will.
i could not bear to see my peeps plucked off, like the doves are.
hold one tiny one close to your chest and whisper to him, that his Michigan farmer wishes she could hold him and watch him scratch and peck and grow...and love him.
in fondest. Tilda

Tilda said...

ps... that Eastlake door is TO DIE FOR!!

sassytrash said...

Well isn't that just the cutest thing ever!!!! Can't wait to see the chicks!!

cconz said...

Very,very cool sharon, Sharon style!!

Greyscale Territory said...

An amazing, creative design! So clever - both eye-catching and very practical! Love it!

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Hmmm... or lil lady chie will fit in there too? I wouldn't say NO to live there coz this is the most gorgeous hen house, I ever seen in my entire life.

Happy SSS, mafween. Hope your enjoying your sunday days.

x0x0 4evah...