Monday, July 25, 2011's a small world, huh!

A fun new friend in my world
and a mutual friend as well...
I can't remember how I stumbled upon Gayle,
but I'm sure glad I did, a soul sister indeed.
She made these awesome earrings for me
and my friend Cathie.
Gayle has the fun blog A Vintage Green Life
and makes the most wonderful jewelry,
has a terrorist corgi and shares our love of
saving the planet...well, being green!
Thanks Gayle...I LOVE THEM!!!

As I said, mutual friends, I find out my
bestest bud Cathie,
"This Girls Art" , is also a friend of Gayle'.
Cathie stopped by my shack yesterday bringing
gifts from afar...Cathie lives in Lone Tree
and has been a soul sister for as long as I can remember,
she collects dolls as well, but is purging her home
and brings me treasures shared from her collections,
two new(creepy) dolls for my collection...

Don't you just love the decrepit state these
wee ones are in...the damage on the first doll was
perpetrated by her cockatoo 'Greta',
who will destroy anything not encased in iron...
what a hoot(or squawk)!
But how we three got together is just fun,
Cathie says if Gayle lived closer(Washington)
we'd be dangerous...we have similar tastes
in strange, love of Nature and saving the planet,
but especially love those spare moments we have
finding new friendships from afar,
makes our world just a little brighter...
You goils are DA BOMB!!!


Tilda said...

just checking my comment account!
it continues to tell me that either the user name or password is not right ! Drats. I AAMMMMMM right!!!!!

Tilda said...

see I TOLD you it was right!!!!!!! So why won't they believe me on another blog?
Drats again.

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

I love your passion for all things unusual and antique.

Those dolls sure are old, and must have been someone's prized possession at some stage. It's nice that they are again with someone who will enjoy them.

Steph said...

Gayle is such a wonderful person! The earrings are gorgeous...
And the dolls so much history... if only they could talk...
Did you get more rain? If you need some, I won't mind sharing some of mine (do you take the slugs as well?)! ;)

Lauri Evans said...

Doll envy!!!! Love em.