Monday, July 11, 2011

The veggie-gestapo...coming to your town...

Do you worry about what freedoms
will be taken away from you next?
Since I own 6 acres on a pie shaped piece
in between the old highway
and the new 4-lane, 2 miles outside the city,
yet still in city limits, I constantly
worry about the veggie-gestapo doing a
drive-by and putting me on their hit list...
I only mow right around my house, allowing the rest
to go natural, milkweeds and Queen Ann's lace
grow in my front yard, along with various grasses
and prairie forbes that feed the butterflies.
I keep the seedlings at bay and the giant weeds
that look surly, pulled...yet...

There is a reminder that they still prowl the lands,
as one Michigan woman has found out.
Julie Bass has been in the news for planting
a raised bed of veggies in her front yard.
The bullies(the city planner) are having a field day with
this one, he wants to put her in jail because
she refuses to dig up her garden and plant grass...
is it just me or is something wrong with this picture?
Check out her blog here...

My home is my sanctuary, the view from
my front porch swing is a religious experience
for me, though maybe not to some,
they need to look the other way
and ponder their good Christian morals...

Today, it's an alien world we live in...
what if Julie Bass' husband was off fighting in Iraq
and this was her victory garden, a place of solace
and need for cheap, wholesome food...would the
city gestapo be so anxious to jail her then...
people in power have the need to bully,
to pick on the little people for their own amusement...Linkwill this ever change?
Natural News


Jane said...

I worry all the time because as the housing development grow ever closer, the farms are getting pushed out. They complain that they dont like the smell of manure or the sounds of tractors or roosters. And eventually you lose your agricultural zoning. That is why I try to keep all 75 acres of my farm, farming. I will fight to the death if they try to take it away from me. I just cant believe what has become of this world in such a short time.

Rebecca said...

Can't believe it... it is getting ridiculous, isn't it?
I can't park on the street in front of my house anymore. And if my kids come to visit I need to call in every 2 days or there is surely a ticket on the car for 15 bucks and it goes up to 30 within 7 days.
Where is the civil servants... and I pay them to do this
Too hot to get going on this
stay cool

Steph said...

I read about the woman in Michigan, I think they just dropped the charges... On the other the FDA is raiding farmers who sell raw milk(and the milk was not contaminated)..but don't worry it's kind of the same in Europe... well actually... do worry!!!
I love your place, looks a lot like mine! ;)
Thanks for the visit and the comment (you made me blush) on my blog! I'm adding you to my links! Have a great weekend!