Thursday, October 16, 2008

Man in the Moon

Each morning as I gaze through the steam
of my first cups brew,
the brilliant red torch of the maple
alights my neighbors yard.
Some day I'll arise and grab that first glow
of the apple tree,
it bares it's jewels in first hours light.
But only viewing through my window, small keyhole
at the side of my keys, I watch as nature
unfurls hidden messages
only my camera sees...a moon...
full in its splendor,
walking tightropes of man's folly...
you can't hurt me yet.
Your misguided notions are still a world away.
But I can gaze into your window,
typing and sipping
you follow your heartstrings,
a song of my Sister Nature
and me,
the Man in the moon...


paisley said...

i am so a night person,, i sleep very early and thus i am awake in the middle of the night... just me and the moon most days... and when i see it still visible in the blue sky of day,, sometimes i feel as if we have won... me and my man in the moon......

Roses and Lilacs said...

I saw the full moon briefly after the rain and clouds cleared. Autumn moons seem to be bigger and brighter, I wonder why? I heard this hunter's moon is also called a blood moon. I wonder about that too.

willow said...

Wonderful poetry!!!

The moon was absolutely gorgeous last night. I actually tried to take some pix, but need a tripod to keep my camera still. I ended up having these spooky looking white ropes connecting me to the moon!

trash talk said...

The sun is warming, but there is something about the moon that is just calming and when I see one during daylight hours, it's just so spiritual. I think you say it better than me. T'nT

Lisa B. said...