Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cotzbalam...Great Black Bird

In ancient Maya the people had a myth about 4 great birds. These birds attacked the wooden bodies of men, effigies of the newly created man. Each attacking certain parts of the figure in hopes of keeping the Mother Gaia unpolluted. Now I don't know about you...but we could certainly use some quality control soon to heal the Mother.

Cotzbalam, free bird
will you forsake the Mother...
bring your spirit home.

These fire-burned black beads are from Oaxaca, I love their primitive feel, perhaps copies of an ancient relic. The red heart beads are to represent the Mother, the clay of the Earth to which we must respect (in theory).

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RainbowMom said...

These feel amazing! I feel somewhat of a Kali energy in them. I love them love them love them! Really awesome.