Friday, October 31, 2008

New necklace...Barn Bird

I am really getting used to this 'stay at home' working thing, up all night, sleep till 8:00...what's that all about...did someone say retirement?...NOT...I guess I just love what I do. Painted two pieces for Sister's yesterday, got two chandeliers ready to take up, redid my workspace and got my new Country Home magazine. Is it my imagination or is that magazine getting smaller...same with Country Living and forget Victoria, however much I love it, only six issues for the same price of 12 of the others, just turns me off. Never thought I would see economy hit those pages.

Anywho, back to the necklace...I love the look of the olive green sea glass, it always inspires me to flights of fancy, as do the little bird charms, especially the swallows. What is it with the swallow, that poets have always sung her praises? Is it her sweeping grace and elegance, the beautiful colors she displays, the very vision of summer she encompasses...I just think the elegance in form is what I love and the fact that they are barn birds, country birds. Sisters had nests glued to the porch ceiling at Bloom and these resolute gliders dive-bombed each new visitor, warning of things to come if nests were disturbed...yes, flights of fancy.

The small bit of steel, was found in an alley...something about it called my name...industrial, weathered, perhaps a cut-out piece of barn roof, so I thought it would be perfect to pair with the 'barn bird'....I think it works. The little white beads are from an old rosary and are small seeds, very apropos.

Swift as the daylight
my brilliant hov'ring friend,
Sister of the sky.


Greyscale Territory said...

O Sharon,

You have created a little piece of magic with this! So unique! There is a real sense of "gems" of life bound up in an exquisite piece of art!

Glad you are enjoying working at home!

I have just been told I must leave what has been my mountain home for 5 years! Hunting for a rental place this weekend, hopefully not too far away! Just when I thought I could settle a little with the senior students wallowing in final exams, I must start packing, find a place, teach the other students and write reports! Aaargh!

Lisa B. said...

Another beautiful set!! I'm with you...I love the elegance of form...very apropos for the swallow!

High Desert Diva said...

It's completely charming.

I'm with you on the magazines...chock full of ads, and not much else. I'm not even excited to receive them anymore...sad, but true.

MuseSwings said...

Your beautiful pieces of jewelry art are flights of fancy!

I'm with you on the magazines!

summersundays-jw said...

I said on my last comment that I loved the barn but I meant the barn bird necklace. It's wonderful.

Denise said...

This necklace is also equisite, a true work of art and I wish I had such a talent to create it. Thanks for stopping by, so nice to be in touch now that I am back on line.