Thursday, June 11, 2009


Oh dreary days...
will they ever end
Ok, but you say
we'll go right into summer
with 90 degrees
and the humidity...well
I relish those times
after all
it's what I live for
summer heat...
and you know
my garden is lush
it's a little rain
soon to be gone
but it's drowning
the grasshoppers
and cabbage worms
so I'm thankful
for the rain...



Altered Glass said...

WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH RAIN ALREADY! JUST STOP!!! I'm tired of planting flowers in the mud. These gloomy days are not good for my happy self. But I haven't had to drag the hose out yet, so that's good. Have a wonderful Thurs. Does Scratchy have a rain coat or umbrella for those restroom times or is she cursing the rain too? Ya know how it messes up her hair!

High Desert Diva said...

See...there's positives to the rain...drowning the nasties is a good thing.

Golden West said...

Lovely photograph - has a very dreamy quality.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Oddly, I love this weather. If it never got above 70, I would be content.

willow said...

Oh, dear. I dread the summer heat. I loathe it. Come autumn. Come winter!

paisley said...

you are thankful for everything... you always seem to find the silver lining....

Tilda said...

interesting picture. LOVE the greens. Yes, they tend to be MUCH greener in the season of the rains. We are getting excessive rain too. I, like the others, don't mind not having to water, but trying to get the seeds in the garden is a challenge. Too much rain, not warm enough, FROST a couple days each week. Yup, the garden is challenging this year. BUT I WILL WIN.
in fondest, Tilda

sarayutouched said...

i think that we need a balance...when our lives are in balance we are more content. too much of one way or the other...we do become grumbly. i do not know that this is a bad my friend, here's to balance!! may we find it soon!!

see ya tomorrow afternoon for coffee.

Chris said... don't show up in the aren't a vampire are you? ha ha

Greyscale Territory said...

It's so strange! This rain phenomena must be world wide! We have had rain for several days ~ intermittent and heavy. It is freezing cold.

And love the twinge of sentimental sadness in this poem!

P.S. This weekend I have the last of marking and reports to do thank goodness. I can get back to non scheduled posts and visit more blogs again!