Wednesday, August 3, 2011

From vine to mine...

OMG...was it hot out there in the produce section
of my farmers market...I'm loving those new
heirloom cherry tomatoes, a rich burgundy color
and a rich taste as well, not as tangy as a regular cherries.
Eggplant and yellow squash are my summer faves,
as well as yellow tomatoes...

Though I didn't grow sweet corn this year, I have a
farmer's market right down the street a half a mile,
that I simply can't resist, Schmidt's Farm Market,
the oldest roadside market in Iowa.
Now that I have my mini-tiller, next year I'll have
the corn. Unfortunately, they aerial spray their fields
continually. This has been a crazy season for that. I
live two miles from the municipal airport, so I see
the crop dusters fly in and out every day,
they've already started this morning at 5:30.
Yesterday they were still spraying while the winds
were strong, briskly blowing my towels on the
I've not been able to catch the SOB, so I can get his
serial number to turn him in to EPA.
They will reprimand them if the wind readings are true,
but to no avail, he's back again, year after year
and they now have two planes to fulfill demand...sigh!

On a lighter note...
I snagged some lily seeds from the dried pods I found
at a shop Lorie and I used to have. A delicate
lil' beauty with gladiola type leaves. It took two years
for the flowers to appear, but...

They remind me of some of the orchids
I used to have in Florida...
does anyone know their name???

Well, I'm off to the Junk Asylum with loads of soap,
so tomorrow pictures of my space and
new happenings at the Asylum!!!


time worn interiors said...


Steph said...

Now I'm hungry!
Beautiful flowers!

Vintage Green said...

I am amazed that you got those lilies to grow from dried pods!
I don't know what they are but they are very different.

Virginiarose said...

great looking veggies and beautiful lilies they look so tender

Sue said...

I miss fresh sweet corn. Nothing better on a summer's day. ENjoy!