Monday, August 8, 2011

The Mighty Miss in my world...

Once a bustling river community, mere remnants
of days gone by linger in our memories...
a pseudo river boat graces our boat landing,
as an early morning fisherman disturbs the peace
of a group of mallards fishing off shore.

As I drove by our landing and marina the other day,
I was thinking to myself...if I had a sailboat,
I'd be living on it in the summer, not leaving it in harbor,
but yesterday when Scratchy and I took a drive,
there were two of them sailing away.
Our infamous clam digger statue and bridge to Illinois,
we were the pearl button capital of the world
once back in the day...

See how close the 4-lane is to me...ARGH!!!
The city is two miles away, I can deal with that,
I get a far off view of the pollution industry
has given!

A project hangs out to dry, as feed sack dresses
await a project in the making...
got the idea from Wanda's' darling shop
the other day while visiting...
I have bunches of them, so not sure how I'll finish,
but they've been coffee stained and are ready to go...

Brought a bunch of shutters home from The Junk Asylum,
been wanting some for my front doors,
these are not quite the size I need, but the color
is perfect...

Ceiling tin...what to do with old ceiling tin???

Yup, another fire brimmed sunrise in Iowa,
do you feel it...
Fall is in the air...!


Sue said...

The summer sure went fast, didn't it? I felt a touch of cool in the air the other day . It felt so good after all the heat this year.

Imperfections said...

Not far from here we once had a major steamboat port. It was a lovely water front plantation. Today there are no boats but a national park and the old house is open for tours. I think I'd rather see an operating steam boat going in and out. As far as I'm concerned, progress has passed the point of dimensioning return.

Susie said...

Sharon, Nice pictures of the river.Most of the world's progress hasn't been for the good of man, just his bank account. I really like the sitting area by your studio. Smiles,Susie