Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Treasure hunt...

Tiny little bones, this was my mission when I walked
into prairie, to find bits of bones for projects
coming up, not sure, but I think they may be bunny.
I walked ever so slowly looking carefully under
the cedar trees for bits of white glaring out at me.

Then I found it, the mother lode...
a deer carcass, was I excited, well bleached bones
just waiting for me to harvest. I felt like Dr. Leakey
on the planes of Africa, though not human bones
they'll do in a pinch...
can you say HALLOWEEN...
now for the bleaching!

I had found the rack earlier in the spring,
so I wasn't really surprised to find these,
but happy...

Walking through my cedar thickets, exploring,
cataloging in my mind the different grasses
and other prairie flora, now gone dormant
due to drought, yet a warm, quiet beauty
surrounds me as I enjoy a summer's day,
not too many left,
while bunnies and field mice scurry around me,
I take it all in.

treasure hunting and scoring a find,

from the little creatures that roam this sand prairie
and the neighbors cats that cull the moles
and bunnies and birds...

my prairie and it's wonders for me to own for this
one lifetime...I am steward and
this is my church, my faith of choice.

now this is why they call it a thicket,
which way do I go...


house things said...

Too cool...can't wait to see what you come up with!

The Feathered Nest said...

I love your church sweet Sharon!!! You appreciate and love all that God has created...as do I! There's something so wonderful about these sweet creature's bones....just knowing they carried these wonderful animals ~ my son just found me a deer spine in the woods!!! I respect and love it so ~ I need to bleach it though, what do you do? hugs and love, Dawn

cconz said...

Wow sharon you really did hit the mother lode. Some people (like me) can walk and walk and not find anything. I too can't wait to see what you make! Gary helped me with my commenting problem. Problem.....SOLVED

Steph said...

That is neat! Love them bones! ;) Wish I could find more here... found a fox once..

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

lot of lot of bones for sure! Walking in your Church is a wondrous experience and it is lovely that you are it's steward!

Eccentricities said...

How cool - treasures right out your back door! Can't wait to see what wonderful things you do with them!!!

time worn interiors said...

Wow! I'm going to the prairie next time we come to see what I might find! Loving those bones!

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Wowza Sharon, I can hardly wait to see what you do with those bones, dem bones dem old bones. ( sorry I just felt a song coming on)

Your countryside is stunning, very wild and yet calm.

Yes it was me at the dinner at Life in Red Shoes house, I wish that Iowa was not so far away from Utah as I would love to have had you join us. Perhaps next time we are in the States we can visit your part of the world. Maybe a few years though.

Bohemian said...

Well, living in the Desert we often discover bleached bones & as long as they're not Human I'm cool with that. *winks* We've scored some awesome Steer Skulls and once found a beautifully preserved desireable Bighorn Sheep Skull... but someone stole it out of the front yard at our previous property! *Gasp... who knew there were Bone Thieves!?* I've seen some fab Artist bone carvings and embellishments, I'd like to try that with some of our pieces because those offered for sale are in the stratosphere of Art collectible pricing.

Dawn... The Bohemian