Monday, June 23, 2008

Goin' ta Sisters'

Just thought I would warn yous guys to get the hankies out for the drooling...I am going to Sisters' tomorrow to deliver more stuff and to see what new goodies she has dragged in...not to worry, camera will be in hand and flashing furiously. I will have to drive about 30-45 minutes out of my way to get there because of flood-ravaged roads, but it's gonna be this way for a while, so might as well get the route adjusted. Have many new soaps to take up too...this is the Garden Herb soap. It is filled with dried herbs and cornmeal to get the garden off your fingers and toes (if you garden like me). With the scent of mixed herbs, it is hard to describe, very earthy and pungent. As I was sitting on my porch pondering life with out a shop and forcing myself to stay home and work...LOL...the smell of freshly mown alfalfa stirred my brain cells...A NEW SOAP SCENT...I got this new grass scent that just had a different smell to it than my ol'standby...this is what it smells like...ALFALA...well I can't sit here talking to you guys, I better git to makin' my new soap. What better place than Sisters'to take it...Iowa farm country...


Sarah said...

It is Sarah. Thank you for your sweet comments. Your house is cute!!!


sarah said...

I like what you wrote in "About ME". It was very poetic!!!


LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

I would like to buy some of your "Alfalfa" scented soap.
email me the info, pls
ox lulul