Sunday, June 1, 2008

Yummm...lemon verbena

This is one of my favorite garden soaps, it just sends the smell of fresh lemon all through the house when you take a shower and is a great hand soap in the kitchen to get rid of the garden dirt and the smell of the onions you just picked. The candles are heavenly too, I find that with the dog grooming being done in my home, the smell of fresh lemon really hides the scent of the 'dirty dog'...we all know that smell all to well. Everyone coming into my home always say 'it smells so good in here'...well, I keep a candle warmer going at all times, cause I'm always testing new scents for the shop...ahhh, life is good...


High Desert Diva said...

oh yum

Utah Grammie said...

Makes me wish I had a "scratch & snif" computer screen!

Your blog is lovely - can't wait to get to know all of it! Happy day to you..