Monday, June 2, 2008

Just wanted to see if you were paying attention...

Well, as alotta you know, Lorie and I have been known to move around alot for one reason or another and most of them pretty good reasons, but this one is pure economics. We have both decided to close up shop and just do booth space with our furniture and stuff. I have had a shop for 15 years, so this doesn't come lightly to me and Lorie's Mother developed brain cancer last year, forcing Lorie to care give Ma 24-7, this year has definitely been a testimony to our endurance and love of our craft.

Strange goings on out there in this grand ol'country, we have been lied to, beat up and forced into business situations that should have never happened in this so-called democracy. If this ain't a recession...I guess I REALLY don't want to see a real one. One business after another closing down, families losing their homes and jobs, corporations taking over and controlling our government, insurance frauds and let's not forget global warming. Makes ya just want to start up a biz in the good ol' U.S. of A. doesn't it.

Well, enough of the bad stuff, let's get on with the good...I will still be selling out of Sister's Garden with all the painted furniture, soaps n candles and Lorie will still be doing her booth and trying to paint in between Ma breaks. You can't stop us now, we are just getting started...again. Then just maybe, I will have time to pursue my water colors again, thanks Cathy C. and Dawn(Feathered Nest) for the encouragement. There will just be a slight adjustment in lifestyle (what lifestyle) and always a positive outlook, but this blog should get even better. How can it not with such great friendships newly formed.

This crazy, close to 60, Iowa born and raised country gal ain't done yet...look out Barb(Sisters), I will have more time to think...scary huh...

So let's all get out there and support our great land and get some retail therapy...but if it says China or India, put it back on the shelf. If our government won't stop selling us out, let's all make the difference on our own...BUY AMERICAN MADE.

Peace AND God Bless America


Shab-n-Chic said...

I'm faced with a similar situation, although I don't own the store. Just a few days ago, the mall store where I rent space is closing 1/2 of it since one owner is leaving. I think it's time to give my notice and just sell on my web site and at our local flea. Sorry to hear about Lorie's Mom. :( I cannot imagine.
I wish you the BEST at Sister's. Sure wish I could visit in person, but I know you'll share pictures. Blessings to you both!

cconz said...

sharon, what a post that was, you sweet thang. I know what ever you do you'll be fine. start some watercolors and other artsy fartsy things and try etsy, it's a site to sell all handmade things, soaps candles, everything. check it out. love cath

GardenGoose said...

Hey there Sharon!
So good of you to stop by.I hope that you were able to take a "look see" at the magazine online. If ever you'd like to submit an article, or have an idea for something you'd like to see featured...drop me a line.
Yes, I am located in Florida. Florida born and raised.
Funny thing..growing up in South Florida I had never even seen the gloriosa lily until just a few years ago when one of my neighbors down the road from me (here in North Florida/Panhandle) had one growing on her fence. I would drive by and admire it every time I saw it finally I stopped and knocked on the door to inquire about it and she dug up a bulb of it for me.
I wanted to wish you the absolute best in the new business ventures. And I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's mom.
Stop by for a visit again anytime you'd like.
Have a good week.

The Feathered Nest said...

I hate to hear this Sharon but so feel your pain. It was the main reason that I sold out to my partner at The Plum Tree. We would just sit there for days on end with just a few people walking through and hardly any buyers! But with a Target and Walmart down the road, a Ross and a Marshall's, well, that's a lot of competition for the ol' greenback. If people don't start going to these quaint little shops and antique malls they will ALL be closed down. I'm having to pull out of my antique space tomorrow because all I can seem to sell is enough to cover my tiny 50.00 rent. I do encourage you to pursue your artwork. Just by the look of your furniture too, Sharon you have a wonderful techniques with painting. Don't forget about selling the soaps and candles on Etsy too ~ Market them here on your blog, does my keyboard have a scratch n' sniff button?? BUY HANDMADE, right?? (in the U. S. of A.)
Take care Sharon, xxoo, Dawn

LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

I'd like to think that all this change for you and Lorie will open up new and better doors of opportunity. While no words can truly express my profound sadness for her Mom I send my prayers. Pls hug Lorie's neck for me,, ok?
Watercolors...very cool. That is a difficult technique. I took lessons 12 years ago. I just liked mixing the colors and putting them on paper.
Have fun and, always, xoxoxo lulu