Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shopping the Iowa shores, let the drooling begin...

Another great reason to shop IOWA, MANLEY'S ANTIQUES...I have been buying wonderful pieces from Dave and LeeAnn for years, but thanks to technology, I can virtually share their gems with you. This shop is truly a gem to behold, if you like old world vignettes, LeeAnn is a master of design. Walking into their shop is a journey back in time. They bought the two buildings 13 years ago and the renovations began. They broke holes in between both buildings upstairs and down, living in the upstairs and adding double space to the main floor showroom. This has added a wonderful storefront to an historic downtown, with a beautiful view of the Mighty Miss. Dave has been lucky enough to have added a workshop in the back of the building for repairs and new construction of altered parts. Truly a landmark in Muscatine, Manleys' is a must see, prices are reasonable and furniture is in excellent repair...enjoy the tour.

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High Desert Diva said...

Well really, with a name like Manley, how could it not be cool?
Charmaine Manley aka Diva