Monday, February 2, 2009

Paths and Big Trees

you sing to the sky
you journey to peace
oh dream catcher
of hidden paths and
golden shadow.
a secret garden
harb'ring a lullaby.
tender fingers
comb my hair,
rooted in time
you shelter a moment
you herald the winds
you dwell in a soul.
as I stir the passions
crisp leaves drift
on season's past
fresh leaves
on a season's breath
teach me to whisper
ancient silent guardian.
I sing to the beech
a lullaby
to the winsome willow
a sonnet
to the sycamore
an ode
to forest kin
my native friend
a moment of grace
a medly
of reflection
of serenity
of calm
oh, teach me to whisper...

I am the wind...

A poem for a tree and yes, I'm a tree-hugger and proud of it,
a necklace to remember a friend,
of 'Paths and Big Trees'.
Recycled glass and fire-glazed glass beads grace this new necklace,
weathered wire and weathered chain
link baubles and memories
and a leaf
on a path with
big trees.


Jeanne said...

Your poem is lovely and the music complements it perfectly!

High Desert Diva said...

Ok...hands down my favorite poem so far. Simply wonderful...well worth being up past midnight!

Love the necklace too!

Valerie said...

I like the fact you are a tree hugger!!! But I have to ask you have you seen the Secret Life Of Bee's are Read the Book...their home is Pink and it is wonderful!! And the reason it is Pink is even better! The movie was out around Christmas...It had a great cast a lot of humor and a wonderful message!!!Have a great day you tree hugger!!!

Linda Sue said...

amazing necklace inspired by such a beautiful poem- A very rich post that has made my day!

Lisa B. said...

Beautiful poem and necklace!

sarayutouched said...

Sharon~I think i've told you before...I open a browser to your site to listen to your music while I'm on other sites or just in the kitchen doing dishes. Your music choices both soothe my soul and make it soar!!

Love the poem...Keep it up tree hugger...I'm right there with you!!


Wildeve said...

I love the poem, and the necklace is really cool. I'm a tree hugger too!