Friday, May 21, 2010

She gives to me a gift...

as I gazed into the meadow
a dark wand beckoned
in the wind

lavender ruffles
as big as my palm
mysterious mechanics
and goings on
in my Eden

luxurious cloaks
and silken remnants
of a dance in the night
gala ball of the fairies
no doubt
wish I'd known
I surely would've
crept in silence
and watched

I know all that live here
I am the keeper is this
a gift from her
seeds of friendship
blown in on the breath
of Nature

strangers to my nest
but what of my old friends
will I see them again
are you a trickster
such folly abounds
through these gates
a celebration
of belonging

remnants of homelands and
farmsteads and such
a gift unexpected
I'll accept

This afternoon I was looking out the side porch door as Scratchy was doing her thing...and I noticed strange goings on in one of my gardens...
I'm cornfused...
The only iris I had planted here were lavender and cream color...
where did the others come from???

The dark purples, the large pale lavender and the brown,

Boy, this is one that's going to have me wonderin' for a long time...
but...I likey!!!


Lori R. said...

Are you sure you didn't plant them?????? maybe it was the alien!
du du du du....
They sure are pretty... I would love a start of the yellow/purple one.
I just love flower surprises...

lulu redstar said...

Gorgeous! I have a theory...did you buy the bulbs or were they given to you? After the first year flowers will change their colors... They could be a 'sport' of the original plant. It happens. Even if they came from a store. I LOVE THE BLACK ONE! lucky you.

hollyhock garden antiques said...

the iris are so pretty in the grass . my screen door looked better black with the new door color i was think about painting the porch ceiling next i love pink but change trim color a lot lol .i have never found any thing that cool in the garbage that's so cool

Nank said...
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Nank said...

God is telling you that there are wonderful things to come where you least expect them and to bloom where you are planted. In your garden and in your shop.

I know this because I know God!


Greyscale Territory said...

These flowers are very beautiful! The dark purple one is quite mystical!