Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday...Gifts...

3:15 and all is calm
a night stalker
rolls off to the East

no breeze the
air lies in repose
summer beasts rest
weary on my brow
the change
stirs my soul

In fear I run
fleeing from despair
in the face the dragon
his wail heard in
siren song

walls of liquid fury
alter lives
sharing a gift
for some
scorn to another

cleansing tears
of the Goddess Sky
to the Sister Earth
healing the score
and scars
of the man

a rainbow on the brow
of Gaia

a gift


Still here to play SSS, though summer storms abound all over the joint, we live to see another day and rainbow...whew, what a day yesterday, I was an unofficial storm chaser, as everywhere I went , black wall clouds tried to halt my travels...HA, scary beast, you can't stop me...
If you go to my last post, you'll see the explanation of my shadow shot, I just liked the sun on the face of the statue and the shadows it produced.

The Beast...


Lori R. said...

Wow!!! your pics are excellent!!! I was sitting down at Good Earth when the beast started rolling in... scary... then the rain came, the hail and the wind.... didn't head for home until it slowed down and then it still was hard to see. And the streets were really flooded!!!!

sarayutouched said...

what beautiful shots you capture of mother earth meeting the sky. i am glad all is well after the storms.

the shadow shot is very striking.

happy a wonderful day sis...see you later for coffee...bring your paint brush...i am making over sarah's bedroom while she is gone this weekend. primed last night until 2am.

Chasing Purple Dreams said...

Your shadow shot is fabulous. What gorgeous contrast and lines. I am glad you survived your storm chasing.

Arija said...

Nice work, your second storm shot is awe inspiring.
There's nothing like a bit of shopping therapy after all!

Sylvia K said...

To begin with, I love your shadow shot! Perfect match for your words as always! And then! What stormy skies!! Wow! Great storm chasing! Those are some scary looking clouds, but love the rainbow! Always pays to look up! Hope you have a great weekend -- hopefully a dry one!!


Cassie said...

That first Shadow Shot still has me guessing! What great storm shots...and then the rainbow!! Lovely.

Rusty said...

Wonderful though scary! Those clouds are awesome. But as you saw they created some interesting photo lighting on the ground.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous shots of the storm - at least you had a rainbow at the end - I always think seeing a rainbow is a good omen!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Turn right at the signs,
drive into the storm’s dark heart,
welcome the shadows.

Bug, No Rug

Nank said...

Living in Phoenix has its advantages for sure. We do have some terrible dust storms, flooding, forest fires, monsoon, drought, and everyone knows about the HEAT! But it's a dry heat. Every night between May and September on the evening news we all tune in HOPING the weatherman will say "There is a cold snap coming and it will last all summer". But that never happens. In the past when I would watch the national weather and see the tornadoes and hurricanes I didn't have anyone to care about. To wonder about. My son moved to Mobile, Alabama in 05 and now I have you. Those clouds look ominous and downright scary to me. I'll be thinking of you during this season.


Bonnie Bonsai said...

great post! The art on top is outstanding!

Serendipity said...

Gorgeous shadow shots! The storm clouds look so dramatic!

GardenJoy4Me said...

I love these pictures ! they are on the spot pure adrenal amazement !
You captured actual sky spirit I think .. I watch the sky constantly myself .. there is something so hypnotic about it all you are totally addicted to watching it as much as possible and taking pictures to savor afterwards ? LOL
Beautiful !!
Joy : )

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Hasn't this season been nuts? We had a terrible tornado hit 30 miles from us last weekend - yikes! Those pictures are pretty cool....although, we are imagining you running throughout the land chasing twisters now...along with shadows - oh, while buying up junk...!

Rosebud Collection said...

The shadow is lovely on the statue..Read everything on your blog and the crop duster is scary.
The storm clouds are frightening and I would still be in a cellar somewhere. Whew...
Have a great week..
Happy SSS.

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

The shadow shot is lovely, but those shots of the sky are amazing.

That was some scary looking storm

Greyscale Territory said...

Fascinating shadow shot from the figurine! Romantic!

That second shot of stormy skies with rolling clouds is quite awesome! Maybe a little scary!

Sounds as if you have had another full on week!

Just one more week of school for me before winter holidays! A few marks to add to reports and I'm finally done with that lot!

Longing to get out and about more with my camera and not set so many scheduled posts to cover times when I know I can't blog!

Lots of chilly sea mist hovering over my morning today! Lately, this often doesn't clear till midday!

How's your little Mouse travelling? Still visiting?

Take care with that rough weather! At least all your moving into the mall was done before it hit!

SUPER HUGS sister! Have a wonderful week!

EG Wow said...

The storms sound like a ferocious beasts indeed! Unofficial storm chaser? OH MY!

Manang Kim said...

Oh my that is a huge beast but after that scary dark cloud a rainbow!! Amazing! Happy Sunday!

SSS-The lamp

Jane ... said...

Awesome photos! Though I'll be very glad when tornado season is over in the Midwest. They've come too close too often! We've practically been living in our basement. Have a good new week!

Just like Martha said...

Yet another wonderful SSS - those photos of the storm are amazing!

Hey Harriet said...

It's a beautiful shadow shot!

Yowza! Those clouds in the second photo look so scary! You wouldn't get me out and about in that kind of weather...unless I was already out and about in it trying to get home safe. I'm glad all is well now. Hope you have a break from the nasty weather. The rainbow was pretty to see!

Spadoman said...

Great shadow shot, that first one, and the storms. I drove through one helacious one at the Wyoming/South Dakota border a couple of days ago as I returned from the West coast.
My shadow shot also has a rainbow. Like minds...
The peom reached me as well. About the storms. I like it.


Kelly Aaron Mosaics said...

That is downright scary! I hope the guys on cycles took cover. Great pics to capture the looming symphony of Mother Earth.

Clytie said...

Beautiful shadow shot. And that beast of a storm! Wow.

Paula Scott said...

What an adventure! Holy Cows!

Paula Scott said...

I also meant to comment on your poem. I swear, every week when I read your prose, I am moved to tears. So much depth and compassion and love. And, perspective.

lynda howells said...

Wow what amazing images..glad you are ok after seeing that sky!!! happy Shadow shot sundayx lynda

Kass said...

Great blog. Great photos. Love what you wrote here and on your sidebar.

Catherine said...

that first shot is quite wonderful shot...

hollyhock garden antiques said...

cool pics scary looking storm

BLOGitse said...

wow, what a beast! He didn't know that you're a strong woman who doesn't give up that easily - and you found the rainbow - lucky you!
SSS Greetings from Casablanca again!