Saturday, June 12, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday...What will be...

if I could walk through
the door in the wall
would time stand still
would mortal youth
freeze in this sleepy hollow
would I sip tea all day
and watch the sun play in my
tum'bling tresses falling
blind to this earthly nest
unaware of the hour glass
flowing in streams
of vanilla dreams
sands of time
descending into this mad mad world
but for me
I'll open doors
and sip tea all day
and imagine
times past and
what will be
will be


Don't you just love it when a shadow just stops you dead in your tracks...when did we become so aware, who created this madness, this passion for playing a game with friends...


Val said...

Sincèrement bravo!

summersundays-jw said...

Beautiful! Jan

sarayutouched said...

"flowing in streams
of vanilla dreams"

what a yummy thought to wake up to this morning...

have a splendid day...and if you aren't to's sale will be on all day.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

what a wonderful shadow! Love the delicateness of it...and to be on a blank wall like it is art hanging....perfect!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The door in the wall—
who will open it for me
and where does it lead?

Shadowy Pergola

bobbie said...

Truly beautiful shadow and poem.

Ralph said...

Shadows sem to enhance the character in any scene. The shadow here can be the result of wonderful memories from the past. We would love to slow down and try to gather the feel of the past, even if for a fleeting moment - enough time to enjoy that cup of tea...

Sylvia K said...

Oh, I love your shadow shot for the day! And your words as always make the perfect match! Hope you have a beautiful, sunny weekend! Enjoy!


Maggie B said...

Stunning shadow capture and a poem to match.

Anonymous said...

fabuous photo and words - can I join you to drink tea!

Tom Hilton said...

Great shadow, and I love the new header photo.

Pagan Sphinx said...

"Much madness is divinest sense
To a discerning eye"
~Emily Dickinson

Beautiful. ai

Rosebud Collection said...

What a beautiful shadow and as always words to go with them....YOur blog looks wonderful. The old home picture and all..lovely..
Happy SSS.

Martha Z said...

I can imagine, seeing that shadow, I too would reach for my camera. Your words match the mood of the scene.

Paula Scott said...

Oh, yea, that one does stop you dead in the tracks! Holy Moleys...

And that prose you have there today. Another, "Holey Moleys"!

It's all so good, so good.

Hot Fudge said...

I could walk through that door in the wall without any problems at all. Gorgeous image and words.

nana_ang_poppaphil said...

Beautiful words and how cool to find the shadow. It is like a piece of art

EG Wow said...

Yes, what will be will be! Nice shadow and wonderful poem. :)

Greyscale Territory said...

I've just been wandering through your last few posts! Enjoyed all your treasures and soap scents! And loved the look of sheer happiness on Scratchy's face!

This shadow is beautiful and detailed! Somehow, indoor shadows on walls always have a magically soft feel! And your poem is a delightful reflection!

Reports are done thank goodness! That is, as far as comments are concerned! Still to mark and record exams! (Don't ask why this order! Long story! I've been fighting management about this strange logic for about 3 years! Once the exams are done, we go back to reports and type in an exam comment for each student! Grrrrrrrr!)

You asked a few days ago about how I juggle "things". School takes a lot of time, but I also have 4 blogs (one is Teen Waves with prompts for students! There is a widget on my sidebar which links to it!) + host two photography groups at Red Bubble! I am also a writer for Helium, but I have not submitted articles for a while. I usually just rate others' work as we are required. But school holidays are coming up, so I probably will write a few articles then.

Talking of school holidays, one of my subjects for senior students is called Revolutions. As most lessons are intense, I am organising a Russian Revolution fun day for them over the holidays. They are dressing up + music (Rasputin - Boney M) + film + a surprise guest speaker for them. That's so far. Still working on it!

So...How do I juggle it all? Dunno! But it gets done! And when I can't stand jumping from one creative idea to the next I get out and take creative (hopefully!)photos! Retire??? What's that?

BIG HUGS dear sister! Take a little more swing time and dream! I'll pretend I can do that too! Can't wait till the holidays (2 weeks' away!) and I'll be doing some winter beach walking! Can't wait!

Arija said...

I had the same sense of a doorway to another dimension, seen for a moment and only possible to pass through in that moment...I wish...I wish...

Your poem is just right with it and a dear delight as well.

Hey Harriet said...

Seeing a shadow as beautiful as that one would stop me in my tracks too! What a find! And I just love your poem!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend Sharon. I hope you'll find plenty of time to indulge in much tea sipping :)

Ha! I just noticed the word verification is 'rests' rests for the wicked :)

BLOGitse said...

SSS greetings from rainy and cold (+10 C) Helsinki, Finland!
One more week to go and then back to Casablanca!
Have a great day and good week ahead!


jabblog said...

Very romantic *sigh*
I'd love to spend my days like that - oh, wait! I do ;-)

Donna said...

Beautiful shadow!

Tilda said...

These are the shadows I have each sunny day in my living room as the sun passes thru french doors and dances around the room with each passing moment into another space. It is a pure gift to me. I absolutely am addicted to it. This week the sun was hard to come by. You know, big sale, rain days. BUT we did manage to miss out on the thunderstorms/ severe weather that passed all around us for 4 days. Just enough rain to soak me on Friday afternoon. We need to talk FRAMES. Even with a good sale, I have a few hundred left!!! You need to come to Michigan with a truck!! They are cheap cheap, mostly old, some with glass, some not. Your white paint and French gray would be perfect.
Thanks for the sunshine on the wall. My heart smiles.

Cassie said...

Beautiful Shadow Shot!! It is a sort of madness, isn't it? But such fun!

Aksharaa said...

Beautiful poem. touching,inspiring imagination.
your blog indeed fills one with a sense of peace.
loved so many of your photographs of Iowa...

hollyhock garden antiques said...

beautiful ! thank you