Saturday, November 8, 2008

More Sparklies at Sister's Garden

It was a fairly drizzly day yesterday on the way to Barb's stores...making deliveries as usual on Fridays , I am again struck with the fact that 'Ol Man Winter will soon be upon us. Although in our area of the South Eastern edge of Iowa, we didn't get the snowfalls that they did in the North and the West. Crippling travel, highways shut down, business at a standstill, this season is a hard season to overcome. Beautiful as it is, it is a deadly unforgiving one. Foods become scarce for wildlife as the grounds are covered with snowfall after snowfall. Parking becomes scarce in the towns, as crews struggle to clear paths, so struggling stores will have business as usual.
But this time of year is crucial for small business. Hoping to attain enough revenue in sales to pull us through the next three months of the heavy winter season. It can make or break a shop. Fortunately Sisters' has her own parking that her husband Brent keeps in perfect condition for the shoppers and it will be filled to the max, as shoppers scramble for the gifts of a season... Christmas...a time of reflection on family and friends and thankfulness...the season of joy.


summersundays-jw said...

As usual, your pictures make me want to come to Iowa in spite of the snow. It's cold here today & the wind is blowing. The leaves are falling fast. It's one of those cold fall days when you know something is brewing -- the dark blue sky shows thru the bright gold leaves. They say we can have a little rain/snow mix on Mon. The cold helps business sometimes but snow can really hurt. Thanks for your light bulb info. Have a great weekend! Jan

High Desert Diva said...

Barb is sooooo lucky to have you!

Greyscale Territory said...

I so love the sparkle in your writings. I feel your Christmas joy.

I am reading posts like this one almost frantically to keep the sparkle in me alive. Teaching, writing reports, packing and organising are overwhelming at the moment. I blog for desperate, creative sanity. But I know the time will pass! Just a few more weeks and life should settle just in time for Christmas!

Richiesliv DÅ och NU said...

Am always enjoying your post. I might not here everyday but reading them everytime am in.

ENjoy your Sunday!

Anita said...

THANKS for the updates about Sister's garden and your jewelry. I stumbled on your blog through someone else's list of great blogs- and can't beleieve I am in Iowa too- AND I sell to Barb now and then (my former yellow Frenchie chair is in one of your recent pix.) I have always coveted your jewelry there. One of these pieces may be my early Christmas to me present. Anita

PS- My blog is