Monday, November 3, 2008

Misty Mornings

I love the early morning mists, when the heat of the day before
conjures up misty mornings, as temperatures cool to the Autumn airs.
I took a trip to our riverfront as fogs drifted over islands barely visible,
but giving a slight notion to their existence.
Our infamous statue of the notorious 'clammer', once proud occupation of the local 'river rats',
a depression era business that thrived along the river city shores,
hauling in clams by the gillions, for the pearl buttons they produced.
Our city now dubbed 'the Pearl of the Mississippi', pays tribute to these forefathers.
Hardworking lower class individuals, that helped pour the foundations
for our once thriving community.
A huge boat anchor also attests to the labors forged by this river city.
But, as the sun rises to another beautiful Indian summer day,
it also pays tribute to the Native American that revered her shores.
Proud peoples that harvested her treasures for their meager existence,
hurting no one, living one with the lands, taking only what was needed to subsist.
Where have we gone so wrong.
I don't know what's going on with my blogger format, it posts pictures in the wrong position and text in the strangest format, but it's never consistent and always a challenge...any suggestions out there? So apologies if it looks and sounds strange...I tried...


willow said...

I love the autumn misty fog, too, and had some here this morning. The fall colors looks so beautiful shrouded in fog.

I had the worst time last night with Blogger! It wouldn't let me single space right in the middle of my post! What's up with it?!

Olga said...

omg, the foggy/misty photos are absolutely beautiful!

Steph said...

When you upload a picture, make sure you check the box that says "Left" in the "Choose a Layout" section.

High Desert Diva said...

I love the mist. Don't get too much here in the high desert. Thanks for the pics!