Thursday, April 10, 2008

Art Deco

Love this Deco cupboard filled with laces, one of Vikki's treasures that will soon depart her ownership. Such is the life of the collector, easy come (sometimes), easy go. The vinettes in the store are so much fun to play with, but then someone just has to bring in a new piece and the game of furniture dominos begins again. But we love it when people notice things that have been moved around and claim that it must all be new stuff...ha.

1 comment:

vikki said...

m'dear friend... you are sucha busy lady! and i am saying you are so good with the pics, and the blogging! =) the shop looks so good with your talent and weaving your magic with the displays, and vignettes. i look forward to seeing and hearing more!! thank~you for all you do! loveya with hugs, vikki =)