Thursday, April 10, 2008

Forever white

Love, love, love the look of white, don't think it will ever go out of fashion. Although I have no white in my own home, I love producing it for you all. The effects are stunning in an all white home as seen in many of the Swedish and French blogs, but alas, I have experimented with having a glossy white painted floor AND unless you have an on site maid service, it is a royal pain.

I thought after giving my husband of 20 years to his girlfriend (LOL), that keeping a home clean and untouched by activity was a piece of cake...NOT...after all there is still Scratchy...and if you have ever owned a terrier...that is another story. I am now stripping my kitchen floor to a more user friendly patina...the color of dirt.

We are living in such a wonderful era for decorating, no holds barred, the only thing stopping your creativity is that man saying again..."now where do you think you are gonna put that...". Now don't get me wrong here, I tend to do a little man-bashing occasionally, but it is all in fun. I am just one of those artsy nuts that prefers to live alone, free to create and move around at will. My studio is in a little add-on bedroom in my home, as I have no garage or shed outside, it all comes inside. Most days I am up before the crack of dawn, even before my neighbors chickens, I get them is not unusual for me to be in there working in my jammies, sanding away at a piece of furniture to reveal its' promise. But I agree with Deb from The Curious Sofa, it would be nice to have a 'Jethro' on call, for furniture moving only (occasional carpentry would be nice).

Yes, being a shop-owner means your hours are long...up early to do bookkeeping and blog or finish that piece AND up all night starting another piece and blogging. But that is what we do, pour over every bit of info we find, stacks of magazines we drag from one home to the next, all done to stimulate our passion.

I notice that so many of you are in your 30-40's, but as I push into the realm of the senior citizen status pushing toward the big 60 (58), I seldom think of retirement. I always said that when I retire, at age 95, you will find me face down in a paint can...not a pretty keep following your bliss, even if it hurts.



cconz said...

sharon, i have to say your blog is fantabuluos!!! i love the way you'll have loyal following very soon. i'm one of the 1st.AT 95 face down in a paint can HA!!!!!

Alice W. said...

I of course love white pieces...and those two side tables are to die for! Love them!!!

Scratchy is so adorable!!! I am so sorry to hear that you lost Itchy...if I ever lost my Renoir I would be beside myself with grief. I am glad you were able to let another little cairn in to help heal the pain. (Even though they can be quite the pain!!! But ya gotta love em!)

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I too love white as you could probably see from my photo's. I really like your blog and have added you to my favs. Your shop sounds interested and like how you framed, cool frame too BTW. Please post more pics of your shop, would love to see them.