Thursday, April 17, 2008

Just found this one

This is one of my favorite shades and I'm having a hard time putting a price tag on it. But at one time I had 17 lampshades in my livingroom, so I guess I can give it up, just like all the rest. Now I just have shades in need of a remake in my home, they are just more fitting for me. My style is less refined and more earthy now and in constant flux, so I don't get too attached anymore, but it's still like giving up your kittens to new owners.

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vikki said...

what beautiful lampshades... the pictures are great, but so much more beautiful in person. i can remember seeing them at the old 'friends' shop. what a cute place that was!! known you, and all your great treasures i bought from you for many years. great keepsakes, and reminders of you, m'friend. i love having them in my house, they make it a home. i so love your soaps, everytime you use them it just re~juvenates the smell. i use them all the time! =) fun looking at your blog,the pictures and can see you are enjoying it! with hugs and love, m'friend. vikki =)