Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ribboned door mirror

I love the look of the old doors with mirrors added, they are usually too narrow for the homes these days, so I have little guilt putting mirrors in them. I have painted this one a cream color, then applied a wash to give it my 'attic' look. What a great look in the foyer leaning against the wall to take that last peek as you fly out the door. Old pitchers are also a favorite of mine. You know people are always saying to us, 'I bet your house looks just like this'...only temporarily, it all ends up in the store making a statement somewhere else. I also sell my painted furniture at a great shop called Sister's Garden, in Kalona, Iowa. Been doin' that shop for about 14 years now, she is also carrying my soaps and candles too. Barb is a great friend and TRUE junker and I will post some shots of Sisters to tempt you further.

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