Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Chippy pink and French street brooms

I love these brooms, especially this year with all the snow, they really brush it off NOW. Loving the chips of pale pink paint on this great cupboard, Lorie is sacrificing her favorite pieces to grace your home instead of hers... excuse me, but isn't that what we do...and why we have a shop... cause we ain't got no mo room...HELLO...I learned a long time ago, that if you want to make any money in this game it is sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice...oh the wonderful pieces that sat in my studio just waiting to be placed in MY parlor, but the look on your face as you ponder where in your home this wonderful piece will grace, is worth all the pain of letting go. I am not quite falling for this, but it does allow me to go on another shopping spree, just know that I sacrifice all for you and your nest. And did I say make money...being in this biz for 15 years, I also learned that you will never be rich, but you will have some really cool pieces to play with AND a chance to shop till ya drop...shop on!!!

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