Saturday, April 26, 2008

Thanks Dads...

Our friend Vikki at the shop just lost her Father unexpectedly this week, please remember her in your thoughts as she picks up the pieces and reflects on the past.

This shot is my wonderful 'Pops' and his pal Scratchy fixing the loo at Granny's house. I love you 'Pops' can never say it enough, life is short...and thanks for the life. Sharon Kay

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kathy said...

Oh so sorry to hear of Vikki's loss . I will e-mail her -- Enjoy your Dad , I love the pics -- I was born on my Dad's birthday and
he has been gone for many years , He loved to garden and planted pansies each year because they were my favorite -- what a sweet remembrance it is for me -- LOve your shop -- Kathy _ GA