Wednesday, April 9, 2008

White, white, white

Lorie loves her white mirrors and what a statement they make too, I tend to love the REALLY chippy old gold mirrors, they just have that look of antiquity about them. They have survived the damp basements, dusty ol' attics and honey throwing them in the trash. I love that famous 'man saying'..."now where do you think you're gonna put that"...DUH...does he really think the beer signs and the taxidermy in THE MAN ROOM, don't count. I can't really say much though, I love the man room. Having done taxidermy for 15 years, I love the look in my house...the man room (without the man). Unusual pieces of taxidermy grace my halls and Lorie just cringes at the thought of me dragging them into the shop...eeeeeeee...(whatever)! It is just a part of that ol'timey look that someone tinkered with back in the day, however crude, it is still art to my eye.

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