Tuesday, April 8, 2008

See the dream

Ok, you have to really feel it and see beyond the norm, this little river city building is over 100 years old and has history to be researched. Once the 50's awning is salvaged for it's aluminum, we will have a better feel for the front of the store. Tom Meeker our Lord and master has refurbished many delapidated old buildings in our downtown, turning them into charming storefronts with upscale apartments, many with river views. He has a vision for the downtown and the drive to get things done. I was lucky to find this building before he gutted the insides and improved them beyond my ability to turn them back into a moldy, delapidated (I mean dated) state with our faux painting effects on the walls and floor. Most would look at it and say we are tetched in the head, but those of you that get it...WE LOVE YOU...you see our vision. We laugh at the issues we have, like the major 'water feature' in our workspace, a horse trough collects the runoff and has a soothing effect to the dripping...although a little annoying in the loo...you must wear your raincoat or at least a hefty bag over your head...but we are getting a new roof as soon as the rains stop, but we won't need one then...right...But Tom laughs, he likes me as a tennant, he doesn't have to do anything inside...and don't be messing with all that rusty ceiling tin hanging down either, I have effects to pull off here. As for the peeling paint on the ceiling...you guessed it, ambiance.


vikki said...

oh, how we love to dream, and go junquing, trash on garbage dayz, etc..!! =) the thrill of the find, wondering who cherished it before, and the love we give by re*loving it, to pass on to others to cherish. the shop looks so great... the warm scents, the home*y olde timey feel... even tho we are chilled while we are there, waiting for the furnace... soon it will not be needed. (it is spring, right?) we just git up and move about and the warmth of all the lovelies we have keep us toasty =) ~ all waiting for new nesting spots! new things arriving, new creations designed, furniture re*painted/fixed... always something to do, and we are so blessed to be able to do them, and pass on our love to others. ~ look forward to being there ~ and thank*ful for having me! =) love, blessings, and hugs, m'dear friend sharon ~ on your venture!

cconz said...

Sharon, yipppppeeeee, another shop and it's going to fabulous. because your fabulous. i love you girlfriend. you've always been my inspiration. i'll be down soon. cathie