Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Sweet journals

Vikki is such a talented gal, I am so happy to have her at the nuthouse. She makes the most gorgeous journals and ol' timey stitchins. She is a lover of all things ol' timey and has a true appreciation for the skills and hard work it took to produce these items back in the day. She loves working with her stitchins and never sits still for a sec, she gardens and walks the dog, Ruger, when she has a spare moment. I love to hear her talk about house cleanin, she talks about chasin' the vacuum sweeper...that cracks me up. ..I get a visual everytime she says it. Talk to ya soon Vik...


vikki said...

what a wonderful, surprise!! i did not know u were doing that!! whadda sweetie!! =) i am smiling from here in blue grass to the shop =) thank*you for the picture!! it is almost like you are featured in a magazine! seeing your creations on~line. whoo hoo! =) you are such a talented hard working lady, and i am so grateful to be with you in your shop. love the junkin', and refuse to throw anything away... 'coz i might just use it in something!! i do not think i will ever grow*up, it is too fun to be involved with the nutz =) fit right in that way... later m'dear 'head nut' friend!! =) loveya, with hugs, vikki =)

The Feathered Nest said...!!! This journal is absolutely amazing Vikki!!!! The bottles, precious. I wish I could blink my eyes and be inside Sweet Repose! Everything pictured is just beautiful ~ xxoo, Dawn

kathy said...

YIKES !! oh how sweet and vintage this journal and the bottles are -- I do so love your shop -- The items you are displaying are amazing -- with the perfect touch so popular -- Vikki is a new friend -- online through e- mails , so how wonderful to see her things in the blog --- ALL of you are amazing - what a team __ I wish i could click my heels --like Dorothy in the Wizard od Oz -- and be there in that sweet space -- yes i can see the vision -- and many will be droolin over the space for finding the best foofala , and specials to dress their own nests -- Boo hoo - so far away
Kathy - GA