Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The domino effect

You know what


The Feathered Nest said...

Sharon, I am in LOVE with your store!!! Can I just blink my eyes twice and be there?? Such good treasures I see in these pics~ your right about the domino effect...I can remember those days where moving one large thing meant moving EVERYTHING! xxoo, Dawn

vikki said...

my,my u busy girl! i know when i brought in the cabinet, i moved one thing, then another, then another... it is fun tho, to git different looks. then it looks like all anew agin! and another idea to use an item for! =) it is so a domino effect... have fun playing!! later m'friend! =) hugs, vikki =)

kathy said...

WAAHHH ! WAAHH ! Crying here !!
WHY ? WHY ? cann't this adorable
shop be near me -- GA is a long way - but my eyes keep peeking to see around those corners and niches -- Truly lovely -- I am wishing much success -- ok and any
other Vikki items -or others that may be small - will you be showcasing any of those and willing to shio ??? Hers's hoping -- Kathy - GA

kathy said...

sorry got carried away - fingers not always working -- -- OK< with proper spelling -, sorry need to proof those notes lol -
Ok will you be showing small items - -cute VIKKI items also - and will you ship them Kathy - GA