Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What next...a plague of locusts...

Remember the picture of the clam digger statue I posted he is today, with the crest of the river coming tonight...I HOPE, the sandbags are on the business behind me. Living on the Mississippi is always a challenge. But I am no stranger to it, when living with Mr.X we frequently had to canoe into our home. For a brief moment in time your yard looks as if you are living on the edge of a lake, fishing off the deck, the sparkling water greeting you each dawn, but then comes the dying off. Plants begin to wither, the chickens have nowhere to free range, the trees are browning, having no root oxygen...but the newly hatched ducklings are reveling with the pen turned pool. But as the river goes down and the heat of the sun dries up the water, you are left with the mess of polluted mud and dead vegetation. We lived near a Monsanto plant, so you can imagine the pollutants in the water. But you move forward, as always and life is good...again.

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