Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Country Back Door

Once the center
all life entered here
in the back door
in the country.
Back door to the kitchen
garden bounties,
clothes on the line,
muddy bare feet
entered here
in the country.
Man's approach widened
four lanes, snow plows,
pollution and sound noise
cars, trucks, trash
entered here
in the back door
in the country.
Barns gone, chickens gone
sittin' on the back porch gone
loneliness entered here
in the country.
Neglect, industry, medians mowed,
crop dusting, snow mobiles
entered here
in the country.
Yet beauty and hope,
promise and creation,
garden and earth wise
enter here
in the front door
in the country.


Artwork by Christi Bunn said...

Hi Sharon,

This is a beautiful poem. I love the way it unfolds with bits of sadness, but at the end you leave us with much hope by coming in the front door! I visited your lovely "Antique Shop" website, too. Very nice things.

Thank you for your kind comment about my artwork. It is funny about drawing isn't it... while buildings come very easy to me, other things don't. Each person is definitely uniquely talented!


timeworninteriors said...

With the addition of new covered porches on the front and back of my house, I have many plans to sit on my porch and let my mind drift back to those simpler times. I want my life to become more simple, I'm tired of the rat-race. Your poems are so heart felf and touching.
Thanks Theresa

Denise said...

Oh this is awesome. Is it yours? Please could I link it back to you. It fits in so much with the photos I am taking round our village in the country!

Sweet Repose said...

Yes Denise, you may certainly use. All the poems are of my own ramblings, as are the photos on my journey through life, a hopeless romantic, putting it on screen for the world to critique.

Have a wonderful day.


Roses and Lilacs said...

Sharon, I love your front porch. So inviting. I'll bet you spend a lot of time there sitting in the rocker looking across the garden.

Elizabeth said...

Entryways and exits where the inner meets the outer world.
The pink cottage is magic.
Such a touching poem.

paisley said...

i am fortunate enough to live in a place we laughingly refer to as the land that time forgot, rural west marin county california... and i love the simplicity it offers me.... the politics is a bit overwhelming... but i hide from all of that....

i just wanted to comment on that header you are using... i have a rather ornate old rusted metal headboard that i found in my yard when i moved in ,, and i am training ivy around it... it is beautiful... and i love your photo as well.....

Greyscale Territory said...

Your poetry is becoming more and more a part of all you are! I am loving watching this chrysalis emerge into a most unusual butterfly!

You are reaching all of us who crave the simple ways of enjoying life, but struggle to find the pathway called "how".

Utah Grammie said...

oh, such power in your words - it almost brought tears..but then...hope! you have summed up what so many of us feel. My sister once moved from her horse property because they put in sidewalks! I hear you on this one!