Saturday, July 19, 2008

I am

You say that I am weird
what of an artist
what of an athlete
what of a rock star
accomplished...not weird

always waiting for the evening star
to guide me to the dawn of my path
self-less yet self-assured

that to be weird is to be not like you
alone with my pen
my thoughts
my choice of music
is that weird

No sweet daughter
I am...not weird
I am...not you.

I was more or less put off by this comment this morning, but assurred in my knowing of myself and my daughter, that we are two totally different people. I also know that she doesn't understand me, we went two different directions many years ago. And it is OK if she thinks I'm weird, I can sorta take it as a compliment, she the city girl and me...well...Ma Kettle...I can understand her dismay. But then again, she has many paths to cross in her young life as I do in mine. But we are both free to be who we are...and that is the challenge, to be 'I am'...and never forget the love.


cconz said...

sharon i love weird!!! the weirder the better. Your never boring or bored.i know i'm weird. thank god.

Anonymous said...

weird is good, weird is fun, weird is NOT boring. I have been looking at your site now for about a month and I love it. If we weren't all a little weird in our own way think of how boring life would be!

vikki said...

weird? what is weird? what is weird to one is normal ~ to others normal is weird. and who is normal? we are all individuals ~ different personalites and that is what makes this life interesting. God made each of us, and each different. if i was just like you, i would not be here. weird is good! =) see a t-shirt in the making ~ weird*os' are us ~ hugs to the weird! vikki ♥

vikki said...

the poem is beautiful sharon! it is too bad that we always have to try to xplain ourselves ~ we are ok the way we are. if we are at peace with it ~ that is what matters. hope you are writing these in your journal. if it is ok with you i would like to write it in one of my journals. it is very touching ~ lovely. it touched my heart. hugs, vikki ♥

timeworninteriors said...

Sharon you are one of the most interesting people I have ever met. I am so glad I came to Iowa, but most of all I am glad I met you. A small piece of you and your being is seard to my heart. I feel as though we have made a special connection in a weird way. I am very happy that you are weird, because I feel that we are so much alike! I love your poems, you inspire me to write again. Thank you for being you.

High Desert Diva said...

As usual, I like your attitude!

Utah Grammie said...

We need to celebrate the differences - not hide them. Life would be unbearable if we were all cut fromthe same cloth. You are strong and brave to NOT be forced into "sameness' and I appreciate that in you and everyone.