Monday, July 21, 2008

Out of Beauty Comes Chaos

5:00 this morning I was awakened to the sound of something hitting the side of my house, like a giant broom jolting me into reality, the front line winds of a massive dangerous thunderstorm. Then the lightning and the thunder and the winds...winds clocked at 92 miles an hour shoving everything in it's path. The storm sirens never went off, but I was prepared to run to the basement if need be, unfortunately, in this ol' house you have to go to the outside to get there...NOT. This was a biggy and took nearly an hour to pass, but when it did, I was again amazed at the destruction to my trees. I am surrounded by huge Chinese elms, 4 ft. in diameter and normally if expecting a storm I don't park under it...well, so much for that idea, my truck looked like a shrub, but not one of the huge limbs actually hit it. Our city didn't fare so well either, power was out for hours and trees and limbs down all over.

I talked to Barb at Sisters' and she thinks a tornado went through there too. The huge old tree along the side of the store is now on the roof, many other trees down and a very heavy oak and glass antique counter was blown right off the back porch at Bloom and took the railing with it, all in a million pieces scattered too the winds.

When they say it sounds like a train, it's the truth...I heard it and it makes you crazy not knowing what to do next. As my little pink house shimmied in the winds, I thank the powers of the universe for sparing me and my little dog.


Greyscale Territory said...

O help Sharon! That is heavy! You seem to say that such storms are a feature of your area and to be prepared. But, I guess, can you ever be so? I am glad you and Scratchy are OK!

This was quite a post!

High Desert Diva said...



Glad you, Scratchy, your pink house and your truck are ok!

Utah Grammie said...

I'm so sad to hear about the trees - but equally happy to hear you & Scratchy are OK - It must be sooo scary - my thoughts are with you...hope all is well..

LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

Is your insurance up to date? I heard about your bad storm on our weather report...
maybe you need to figure out how to get to basement from INSIDE, Auntie Em

ox lulu
p.s. VERY glad you're ok.

white o'morn cottage said...

That poor tree..after so long to have been downed. I'm glad you, your Scratchy, car and house are ok though. Best wishes...Pam

vikki said...

glad to hear you are ok & scratchy. and that the house & your truck survived yet another blast of the severe weather that we seem to be in the path of... we are blessed & it could be worse. hugs, vikki ♥