Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thanks girlfriends...

Before I move forward with the surprise of the day, I want to thank these wonderful two gals for passing on these awards to me. Sweet Pam, my Irish friend and her wonderful blog, White o'morn Cottage and a new friend, Cynthia from Muse Swings .

I haven't been blogging all that long, but I had never in my wildest dreams (and I have a few) thought that I would meet soooooo many talented, wonderful people. If ever you need help with anything they are always there for you and with a word of praise and hope. No matter what the issue, be it new life or death, they are there with comforting words, willing to do what friends do.

Having said that...I have this huge, glass-fronted, Eastlake bookcase to move in to the pink mansion...anyone available...LOL


white o'morn cottage said...

I'm on my way!

You sold the frame? whoohoo! now you can keep the red chair ...win/win!...Pam

Eve said...

Billy says I have a bad habit of lending him out. I do too. LOL

There seems to be a run on white furniture lately. A lot like the jadite craze a few years ago..that we can credit Martha with though.

I had the most wonderful plum chair but could not find a place to put it. I finally gave it away. I wanted that chair. We have a small place now since Katrina so I don't have much room to keep the things I want. Something comes in, something has to go.

Utah Grammie said...

I love Scratchy. Just thought you should know.