Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Lovely Chamber Pot

And now I want to remind you of that romantic saying...THE GOOD 'OL DAYS...although having ones potty right next to the bed would be quite handy for those of us that can barely make it out of the bed before...well we won't go into that. We have come quite far in the last 100 years, haven't we, no more throwing the waste out the second floor more trudging through the snow to the outhouse and that REALLY cold orb with it's well of unmentionables that you knew something actually lived in.

When I was a kid, we had a cottage on the Cedar River, with an was a place of dread...SPIDEYS...everywhere. That was the first thing Granny did, was brush it all down with a broom, before she had to drag me kicking and screaming to that cave of uncertainty. Then Gramps finally put in a toilet in the dug-out basement so I would quit screaming...OK now, do the words DUG-OUT BASEMENT trigger a response...that's where the REALLY big spideys lived...NOOOOOOOO...

But me being the person that likes to reflect on the simplicities of days gone by, I rather enjoy using an out-house now...because I know that if I'm heading toward one, the need is obviously greater than the dread. And it does some how bring to life those days long gone at the cottage I so loved to visit...I think it's the smell. If you've experienced one out-house, well...let's say it's the same blend. And as far as something living in there...I know it's true, I watched the X-Files and I'm a believer.

So now that you are looking at the 'chamber pot' with envying eyes and are looking for the perfect spot in your home to display, right...think just under the bed within easy reach or on a little stool next to the bed, you know that extra height is wonderful when you are half asleep.

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Greyscale Territory said...

This is so funny, so adorable, so awful (I really am freaked out by spiders) all in one!

A great read!

Vintage Sue said...

That's it. You've officially lost it.

Then again, my mom didn't have indoor plumbing until she was about 18, so she talks like this sometimes.


*Maristella* said...

Good morning, it is wonderful!! Dear greetings, *Maristella*.

Shab-n-Chic said...

The closest thing I've ever been in to an out house is a port-a-potty, and I have to be pretty darn desperate to even use one of those!
Those chamber pots are neat. I used to see those all the time and there are not many around these parts today!

Owlfarmer said...

I just found your blog through a comment on Serenity Now--another gift of the blogosphere! Great stuff.

I grew up mostly in Asia (Air Force/foreign correspondent brat), where the earliest toilets I remember were "benjos"--little porcelain jobs in the floor over which one squatted. In southeastern Europe (Greece and Turkey) we found nicely tiled areas with places for feet and a hole in the middle. But my favorite potty-memories involve staying in the old Shasta Airflyte trailer in my grandmother's back yard, where there was no bathroom at all. If you were a boy, you could just go out and pee on a tree if you got the urge at night. But us delicate (right!) gals used the "guzunder" (ours was enameled metal) and dutifully carried it into the house to empty it in the "proper" container.

Nearly six decades later, this is still a fond and --ahem-- fresh memory. Thanks for the post.