Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Florida calls...

As wintry thoughts creep ever so close, memories of the last winter still make my skin crawl. Snowfall after snowfall, paralyzing a community. Ten foot piles of snow everywhere, ice packed curbs, downed power lines, tree limbs fallen, power outages, wildlife starvation, cattle stranded, people stranded, cold, cold, cold everyday...will it ever end. As I struggle to feed myself and maintain, as no business is coming in, it is even more of a struggle for the wildlife. Frozen surfaces cover food source for all forest creatures. My bird feeders are packed with desperate mouths, all vying for the bits of nourishment in feeders and on frozen wonder why my thoughts of Florida invade my future planning.

My Mother lives in Lake Placid, a beautiful little piece of inland Florida, till the Snowbirds come in the fall, but that could also be my salvation this winter, packing up the dog and my grooming supplies, a trip and temporary work is not far from my mind. And believe it, when I am out painting furniture in 80 degree weather in the middle of January and the temps in Iowa are below zero for weeks on end...the thoughts do cross my mind.

But such thoughts always come to mind this time of year as the warm weather drifts ever so slowly from our grasp. We know what lies ahead and for me it could be a simple matter of finances. These ain't the good ol' days anymore, with recession lapping at our heels, money is tight everywhere. But in the meantime I will squeeze all the goody I can out of the beautiful Indian Summer to come and pray to the Universe for steady biz.


Greyscale Territory said...


I was just thinking of you when I read your posting on Jeques' Web Nook and followed on your train of thought!

Just a thought! But have you maybe considered being a writer in the winter months? Magazine articles? Even a book of poetry?

Your writing is indeed a gift! Maybe work with the seasons?

white o'morn cottage said...

You will still blog if you go to warmer climate - right? Good. We don't really know what cold is over here. We never, well, rarely get snow. when we do the whole country goes mad building snowmen from like 1/2 inch of snow and throwing snowballs at each other!

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Sharon...even tho I love cold weather, I do get sick of the snowblowing, shoveling and pain in the butt people that don't know how to drive in it!!!

Too bad I can't have fall all year long!!


Jeques said...


Don't get me wrong in my quite downer poem of the impending winter: Lovely Droppings"

With all its gloomy elements the snow could cast our moods, I still love it. Whenever I see the snow, I feel like a child again, it awakens the kid inside me longing for white Christmas. Please read my post: "1st Snow" to understand. Here's the link:

I'm from the Philippines, and we only have summer and rain season. One reason why I chose Chicago when I decided to immigrate is because of its known freezing, snow covered winter - I got what I want and I love it!

Your article here are lovely thoughts of the season, your personal journey and observations, some proof how you pay attention to life and eveything that are in it. Your senses are very keen as evident here in this article that made me feel your emotions as I follow your trail of thoughts.

I wish you well.

~ Jeques