Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I have an Award!!!

Thank you so much Nancy from Shab N Chic and as per request, I am to pick 7 other blogs that I love...but due to the fact that I love you all, it is impossible for me to choose...I would have to go way over my limit of 7. But everyone please go check out Nancy's blog, she is a gem and has great stuff on her web site too. Thanks again Nancy...and back at cha!

Just received this same award from 'theotherTheresa' at Time-worn Interiors...thanks girl...you know I love your blog too! Check it out...

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vikki said...

congrats on your awards! i do the same, i love all of them & is too hard to award to just a few ~ i just am thank*ful & do not pass it on. do not want to hurt anyones' feelings by leaving one out... you do keep up & have a wonderful blog m'friend! keep on & we love visiting you! hugs & blessings, vikki ♥