Thursday, September 4, 2008

To Have All...

Things that shed love
things that shed fear
things that bring comfort
things that bring fortune
All things that encompass who and what...

Such complex human emotion
stirs such beauteous passion,
to be written
to be lived
to be given...
is it only human
is it all about ours...

In Nature, it is about all
in Nature it is about growth
it is about a gift that lives on
to all...
all will share in beauty
all will share in harvest
all will dwell in
the all...

The ancients new of the all
where did we lose all
was it greed
was it the winds, the waters, the Nature
was it the new man
incapable of seeing
the all
is it because of 'the Jones'
that we have lost sight of our brothers
to have it all...

What is your all
can you give more
to have all
will you see more to have all
will you feel more to have all
is natural to have all
is to be born again
for all...


Roses and Lilacs said...

Good morning Sharon. Beautiful photos and a thoughtful poem. I always enjoy your vignettes of old items grouped together.

I like your sunset photo. The Midwest has the very best sunrises/sunsets in the world.

RainbowMom said...

A good day for me to read this. Thank you beautiful lady. What is all? Is there ever all? Peace.

Utah Grammie said...

And can all ever be enough..thought provoking to be sure - AND I love love love your photos!

Greyscale Territory said...

I have read this poem a few times! Love it so much!

For me, to really have all is simply to have all you really need! And to know what that means is quite an understanding!

And that pic of Scratchy needs a comment! Love the play of sunlight and shadow! But I especially love the look on the little one's face. I see you there, just like the image of you in your profile! You are both very much kindred spirits.

High Desert Diva said...

Something to ponder...