Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday...already again...

My Florida-My Fountain of Youth
This is my dream time,
the sunshine state, my Florida.
Her beauty I discovered as a child
and it burned deep into my soul.
Shadows cast of elegant palms
on a church in St. Augustine,
this ancient city of Spanish conquest
stolen from tribesmen,
the peaceful Seminole.
They knew her harsh secrets,
yet Spaniards stay
building fortress to protect the promise,
eternal youth and riches of gold.
Eternal youth yes, the joy of a child running in the surf
and gold in the sun that never fades.
A home built for a dream in the 50's,
my Grandfather's dream...
to live in the land of eternal youth,
long since fallen to ruin
to a tragic ghetto community
uncaring of the fountain of youth they spoil
and the dream it once held .
But the canopy of my youth still hovers
oer' land of golden, eternal sunshine...
my Florida,
my Fountain of Youth.
Time to check out Hey, Harriet and all the shadows...join in the fun and give us a holler...


Greyscale Territory said...

Your pics show me a Florida I have not seen in the tourist brochures! And I love your Florida!

That first pic with the shadow of a palm on a church wall is so beautiful ~ physically and symbolically.

And the pic of the home looks so cosy!

Finally your poem! Such a longing, and yet, I feel there is a need to keep old memories intact and a wariness of re-visiting old ground!?????

(Methinks I think too much sometimes!)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

annette said...

beautifully written Sharon to accompany your wonderful shadow shots - nice work, happy Sunday to you. annette :0)

Hey Harriet said...

Nice Florida shadows Sharon! The first pic is my fave! That ultra BLUE sky! The clouds reflected in the water in the last pic is very cool. I enjoyed these scenes from Florida & of course your poem :) Have a wonderful Sunday!

The Summer Kitchen Interiors said...

One of my favorite poems so far - so very true!
Love the house and the shadows on the beach!!

You know....I was thinking that it would be cool to take another picture in a few weeks!! And yes, I agree, moving south would be lovely....but I would miss this!

Have a great week Sharon!
Karla & Karrie

Gallery Juana said...

I am from California and have never been to Florida. The ocean and sand in your pic are beautiful. The first pic reminded me of the old Missions in California. I guess we were both going down memory lane:)

High Desert Diva said...

Your Florida pictures and memories... beauty

Rosebud Collection said...

I have to tell you..I got a pang in my heart..I went to St.Joseph's Academy in St. Augustine, a couple of winters, had to live there because of my father's job. As soon as I saw the
fort..I knew where I was. What a happy memory your pictures gave me.
Happy Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Soooo many wonderful shadow shots! Love them all and the poem.


Sandra Ree said...

Oh Sharon, that is exactly what Florida looks like. The Sunshine State. St. Augustine is beautiful. I have wonderful memories of Florida all through my youth and my early adulthood. Thank you for these great pictures and your always beautifully written words! :)

Gina said...

Beautiful shadows and sunny days Sharon! Very nicely done and as always, thought provoking poetry. :D

Twinkle Star Art said...

Your shadows of Florida are lovely. It's great to see shadows across the globe. Have a great week :) Amanda

M.Kate said...

Hello Sharon :D
What a collection of pictures, definitely the best I've seen..just beautiful! hope you have a good week ahead